Good feng shui principles and practices can be quite helpful if you are trying to design a relaxing environment. In today's hectic world, a place within the home where one can go to escape the stresses of life can be extremely beneficial. Whether you are designing a home spa, meditation room, garden room or an outdoor retreat, you can harness the calming energy of water to help create a more relaxing and harmonious environment.

Visualize Water in Your Environment
The concept of water flowing through a room or living space can help you create a good arrangement. Picture a river flowing along the floor of the room, or around the area of your garden. If there are areas where the water couldn't flow freely, these are also areas where positive energy would not be able to flow. Remove these obstructions or rearrange the room to create a more harmonious arrangement.

Use the Colors and Form of Water
You can also add the water element to a room without there ever being a drop of actual water. Include colors such as blue and black, which are representative of water. Glass, pictures of fish or seascapes, and mirrors can also be used to add the calming energy of water to a room. When choosing accessories for the room, focus on those which have smooth curves or wavy lines, as these are reminiscent of water. If you don't want to use water elements throughout the entire room, focus on the south area, as this is the most beneficial location for water.

Add a Water Feature
Adding a water feature to a room or the garden is a great way to add calm energy to the area. Inside the house, a small wall or freestanding fountain can be a great addition. Even a small tabletop fountain can add a relaxing element to a room. A fish aquarium can also be a great room addition. However, always make sure that any water elements are kept clean and free-flowing, since stagnant water will introduce negative energy within the room. Fish aquariums should be kept sparkling clean and fountains should keep the water in constant motion. In the garden, a small reflecting pond or water fountain can be the perfect solution. You could even consider constructing a small artificial river which could run through your yard, using a pump to re-circulate the water. If you simply cannot add a water feature outdoors, simulate the experience by creating a dry river bed. Dig a shallow ditch through one area of your yard, curving it to simulate an actual river. Line the ditch with smooth river rocks and small plants so that it looks like a river bed during the dry season.

Keep Water in Its Place
Although the element of water can be quite calming when used in an area of your home designed for relaxation, you do need to be careful when using it in other locations. For example, if you used too much water in your home office, it could lead to poor work habits and a lack of concentration. If you do wish to add the calming energy of water to the working areas of your home, use it in small quantities.

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