If you go into any house in the country, then the chances are that in one of the rooms – attached to the fridges, say or propped up on a desk - there will be a photo calendar which everyone can consult to keep track of important dates. The reason isn’t difficult to ascertain; putting all of the dates you need to remember onto a calendar is an utterly simple task – merely open it at the start of the year and work your way through, jotting down all of the birthdays and anniversaries which you’re determined not to forget. As other dates come up on a weekly basis, dates such as medical appointments, school holidays and bill dues dates, they can merely be added with a few quick strokes of a pen or pencil. Once there, what’s more, there’s no chance of them disappearing, as might be the case with more advanced electronic organizers, due to the likes of a battery failure or software malfunction. Combining all these factors means that a busy household will find a calendar like this absolutely indispensable.

The one drawback to most such calendars is the fact that the imagery used is so dull and tedious that you’d probably never consider putting it up on display in your home under any other circumstances. Pictures of nature or saccharine shots of kittens and ponies tend to predominate and, whilst it may seem like a trivial matter, it’s something that you’re going to be looking at on an almost daily basis, so it really doesn’t seem to be too much to ask that it be at least pleasant to look at.

By far the surest means of ensuring that this will, in fact, be the case is to use your own digital images to create personalized photo calendars. In the per-digital age, an idea like this might have meant sticking photographs onto bits of card which would hardly be the most elegant and stylish solution, but the advance of technology means that you can now create a calendar which is both totally personal and yet utterly professional.

Choosing a theme for your calendar might be a question of simply gathering a dozen or more of your favorite photographs, or you may opt to go for a single theme, such as ‘Kids at Play’ or ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’. Whatever choice you make, the process of turning images into calendars is as simple as that involved with all other bespoke photo gifts. All that you have to do is upload the chosen images to the website you’re using and then utilize the software to design your calendar. The work of ‘designing’ it has been reduced to simple, logical steps, allowing you to pick and choose the size and shape of the finished item, as well as the layout and design of each page. The flexibility is such that you can even per-print special dates, or produce a calendar which starts in a month other than January. The result will be a retail quality calendar which performs the difficult task of turning jotting down a dentist’s appointment into something which you’ll enjoy.

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Keeping track of your day to day life, particularly if you have children and other family members to monitor, can be a difficult and time consuming affair. Using a photo calendar makes it somewhat simpler, whilst making personalised photo calendars allows people to combine this practicality with something which they’d actually enjoy looking at.