When decorating your home, it's important to remember that certain areas need to be given special consideration. The kitchen and dining room are two areas that can be extremely important to the "heart" of your home. The dining room should be a place where your family can come together to enjoy each other's companionship. It's also a place where meals should be shared instead of simply rushed through. Today's busy schedules and hectic lifestyles may make it difficult for families to enjoy their meals together. If it's been a while since your family has taken the time to sit down at the dining room table together, it could be in your best interest to use feng shui to create a more "centered" and family-friendly dining experience.

Expand Your Space

In most cases, you can't really make your dining room bigger unless you're ready to embark upon a major remodeling effort. However, even though you might not be ready to knock out walls, there are still ways in which you can make it look and feel more spacious. When the dining room seems cramped and cluttered, it can negatively affect the amount of positive energy within the room. If you haven't used your dining room for a while, chances are it's been accumulating clutter. In order to increase the amount of positive feng shui energy within your dining room, clear out any unnecessary clutter. If there are bags or boxes sitting on the floor or too many knick-knacks on the shelves, clear them out.

The Dining Room Table

The size and position of the dining room table is also important. Try to use the largest table that will fit comfortably within the room, so that everyone has plenty of space to sit and eat in comfort. In most cases, you'll want to use a table that is large enough for your entire family, plus a few extra people in case you have guests. Position the table in the center of the room, making sure there is enough walking and sitting space on each side of the table. If you don't seem to have enough room in the dining room for an adequately sized table, consider removing some of the other furniture pieces. After all, even though your grandmother's antique hutch might be an important family heirloom, it could be taking away from the positive flow of energy within the room if its large size is cramping the overall space.

Enhancing the Flow of Energy

When designing a dining room, you should also pay close attention to how the energy is allowed to flow within the room. Ideally, your dining room should have a door on each end, which will allow the positive chi energy to flow freely. However, you don't want to create a situation where the energy flows too quickly through the room. Instead, try hanging a beautiful crystal chandelier in the center of the room. Not only will it add beauty, but it will also help to balance the room's positive energy.

Of course, not every dining room is designed with a door at either end. If this is the case in your home, you'll simply have to think a little more creatively in regards to finding ways to enhance the flow of energy. Hanging a mirror at one end of the room can often give the illusion of a second entrance. Light or sheer window treatments can also help.

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