We are here to love; we’re here to serve. We’re here to give, and we also came to receive. You’ve got this wealth to give and that wealth should bring you riches in return.
Yet, so many people don’t know how to monetize their mission. And they fail to structure their offers and their talk in a way that brings in sales. So rather than riches, they end up with that “interested but not invested” phenomenon. People tell them they’re great, but they don’t sign up.

If that’s your pattern, I want you to break it right now. Below are four questions to help you craft a powerful offer that will draw prospects to invest in themselves through the important service that you provide.

Create Your Powerful Offer: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What is the transformation that I offer?

What is the outcome that my clients get as a result of working with me? What are their exact results?

Focus on one person, one of your success stories, and then generalize to your other clients. What outcome did that client receive? List all of the exact results of working with you. Really let yourself acknowledge what you facilitated for him or her.

Now, ask yourself: What other transformations happened in her life because of those results? For instance, because of your financial management, your client may now be able to afford to work less and realize her goal of spending one-on-one time with each of her kids.

Really spend time with this and list everything you can think of. You want to have those results firmly in mind when you sit down to place a dollar value on those transformations.

2. How will I deliver that transformation?

Given all of the ways to deliver the outcomes for your client — a 3-day seminar, a 147-page ebook, a 5-part teleseries — what format would work best to get those results for people?

Rather than building the package first, like so many people do, let the transformation determine which delivery system to employ.

3. Is it leveraged?

Am I serving people one-on-one or have I found a creative way to serve people in small or large groups so that more than one person at a time is benefiting from my expertise?

If you think that what you do can’t be leveraged, keep the question open for a while. You might be surprised by the ideas that emerge.

4. Do I love it?

Is this something that I’d be happy to be known for?

Love may be last on the list, but in many ways it’s the most important. As I said in the beginning, love is what we’re here to do. If you love what you do, everything flows with less effort. Your whole being works in harmony.

There’s no internal struggle, no unmet desire that tries to pull you off course.

There’s one course and a journey that will make your soul sing and serve thousands along the way. This is your unique offering. This is what you are here for.C

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