Cracking The Abundance Code

Since its release in 2006, an estimated 300 million worldwide have been introduced to the Law of Attraction by "The Secret". How many of these millions are at present attracting abundance into their lives? What in that case does it take to create the lifestyle, wealth and abundance so many are searching for?

Consider this statement of truth: Whatever we image in our mind, whatever we expect and think about, we will have a tendency to bring into our lives.

Assuming for a moment this is factual, how can we benefit from this information to invite the abundance we desire?

It can be difficult for many to comprehend that everything we envision comprises millions of microscopic particles in constant vibration, yet science has convincingly proven the existence and the constant process of the Law of mental attraction. For this reason we should be particularly judicious how and what we think about, because our predominant mental mind-set is the primary cause of everything that comes into our lives. The sooner we take responsibility and accept this truth, the more readily we will begin to advance our results.

Something significant to consider is that you cannot long or yearn for anything unless it already exists, if not already in form, then in possibility; and your desire is how you commence to bring it forth into visible manifestation or physical reality.

An important point however is the requirement to start consciously considering what you want rather than what you don't want. Cold for example is the absence of heat. You cannot get warm by thinking about cold; neither can you attract abundance by dwelling upon lack.

By itself, desire is of limited use without the expectation that what you wish for will in fact take place or arrive. It is this expectation that puts the fuel into the furnace of attraction and converts mere wishing or dreaming into the co-creative process.

3 Steps to Attracting Abundance

1. INTEREST. What are you truly interested in? Interest is paying special attention to an object or idea. It is being absolutely concerned about something or someone. Interest is tending to see in the material world what already exists in one's mind. Your interests are the things you think of that give you joy, pleasure or satisfaction.

2. ATTENTION. On what do you place your attention? What do you love to do? Having a high interest is not enough. It is our focussed attention that begins to convert our dreams and goals from our minds into actuality. As we direct our attention to our interest, this magnifies our power of attraction which draws to us things in harmony or vibration with our thoughts. Precisely as a magnifying glass can concentrate the power of the sun, or a laser can concentrate light into an immensely powerful beam, so too can our attention intensify our interest and desires.

3. EXPECTATION-this can be considered as an operational form of attention. When you really believe in the probability of success, you experience the highest interest in your work. This awareness is intensified with expectation and anticipation. Through the magnification of your expectation, you can draw to you the success you wish for. Expectation is the crucial final stage; your expectation should be built up with your interest and attention.

As soon as you apply the three steps in the Abundance Code, you will start to unleash the treasure house in your unconscious mind. Proceed with faith and certainty and do not allow doubts and fears into your mind a these will diffuse the power of your attraction. As R. Holliwell, author of “Working with the Law” puts it “When you pray for one thing and then fear and doubt that you will receive it, you diffuse your mental forces and can attract only what the lesser thoughts believe and expect.”

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Daniel Britton is an author, speaker and success coach.
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