So you have made the biggest blunder and all you are worried about is how to restore your pricey device to its former glory. Flaunting an iPhone is indeed overwhelming but handling it carefully is the most challenging part of any user. No matter how much you splurge on buying a screen protector, accidents are beyond anyone’s control and your iPhone may slip off your hand and shatter to pieces. Dealing with a cracked iPhone screen is frustrating, risky and detrimental to the health of your pricey device. 

Before taking your phone to a nearby store or calling in professional technicians, try these instant hacks to prevent further damage to your device.


  • Stay Safe from Injuries!


The moment your iPhone hits the ground, the screen breaks into pieces and the floor becomes filled with broken glass screen shards.  Probably the last thing you would expect is to cut your fingers while assembling the glass screen pieces. To avert the risk of injuries, get hold of tape and wrap your device both from front and back.


  • Understand the Extent of Screen Damage


The first thing that strikes in mind when screen damage occurs is the cost of replacement. Most people seem to have sleepless nights worrying about the cost of opting for a brand new iPhone screen but before it happens in your case too, identify the extent of screen damage by hiring professional technicians offering iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement in Sydney


  • Analyse the Severity of Screen Damage


Smashed iPhone screens don't always call for a brand new replacement. To decide whether you really need to call in professionals, first and foremost, analyse the severity of screen damage. Screen damage can range from a hairline crack, a non-functional device to a minor crack at a corner of your phone. To understand it better, place your phone on a solid surface under sufficient lights and watch closely. In most cases, screen pieces stay in place but if your screen is coming out, hire professional iPhone repairs in Sydney without delay.


  • Check Whether Screen Damage is Covered Under Insurance 


Another thing to check once your iPhone encounters screen damage is whether screen replacement is covered under insurance. If you can reap the benefits of insurance coverage, why waste money from your own pocket for a brand new replacement? Invest sufficient time in reading the manual and cross-check the documentation to ensure you don’t waste time and money unnecessarily.


  • Hire Certified iPhone Repair Experts for Genuine Fixes


Most companies claim to offer genuine iPhone repairs using original parts but a few of them actually do so. Before placing trust on a service provider, take a look at their company profile and cross-check their reviews. Ask for their certification and necessary details to ensure your handover of your device to trusted hands. It’s better to delegate the task to certified technicians as they can understand your customised needs and offer instant and effective fixes at a budget-friendly price.

An iPhone cracked screen isn’t something to be repaired single-handedly. Instead of panicking, try these 5 things instantly till the time professional iPhone repair specialists arrive.

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