Cracked heels not only spoil your look but also cause severe pain and embarrassment. If you have this kind of heels. You can get rid of this with the help of professional podiatrists. For treating minor cracks, some home remedies are all you need. But if the problem is severe, you should visit the professionals. In this article, you will explore what is cracked heel, what cause cracked heels and cracked heel treatment.

What is a cracked heel?

Cracking or splitting of skin is called cracked heel. There are many reasons that may cause this foot problem, such as dryness or thickening of the skin. Thickening of the skin is commonly known as a callus. Sometimes, callus gets broken under pressure. When skin of this area becomes excessively dry or thickened, the area loses its natural suppleness and elasticity. This condition can get even the worst for those people who have a large fatty pad on the sole of their feet. This pad under the pressure needs more elasticity in the skin and expands without cracking. There are many other causes that may make the thing worst.

Causes of this foot issue

Apart from dryness and thickening, there are many other reasons for which you can face a crack in your foot. These reasons are:

Walking outside barefoot
• Using some particular shoe wears like thongs, sling, or open blacked sandals which makes the foot dry In most of the cases, dry skin genetic
• Long-standing at work or home may cause crack
• Ill-fitting shoes or sandals cause this trouble
• Fungal infections or unhygienic circumstances may create trouble
• Unhealthy and scaly skin caused by sudden climate change
• Deficiency of vitamins, minerals, zinc, malnutrition
• Hormonal issues such as thyroid or estrogen imbalance
• Circulation problems

These causes can cause heel pain and you will have to visit a medical professional for heel pain treatment.

Apart from these, there are some medical causes of cracked heels. Such as:

• Diabetics
• Hormonal imbalance
• Venous stasis
• Down syndrome
• Kidney disease
• Lymphoma
• Psoriasis and Eczema
• Chilblains, pressure, & circulation issues

Home remedies

There are some simple home remedies. You can try these remedies to get rid of heel pain. Some of the remedies are given below:

• Heel balm- You can use a heel balm on a regular basis. For the best results, use it twice. You may also use an oil-based moisturizer. It would be really useful if you start your day by using a heel balm. It will help you increase the elasticity of your skin.
• Exfoliation- You can use a pumice stone or feet file to exfoliate dead skin and reduce the thickness of hardness.
• Cure infection- If you have any fungal infections, you should take care of your feet. Always keep the area clean. You must prevent the infection from taking severe cracked form.
• Wear the right shoes- Often wearing wrong shoes spoil our skin. Choose shoe wears which are suitable for your foot.
• Hydration- Drink enough water to keep your body and skin hydrated
Diet- You must follow a healthy diet including essential fatty acid, fresh fruits, and green veggies

Treatment for this foot issue

If you face severe foot problem, then you need to visit a reputed podiatrist. Cracked heel treatment comes under the category of podiatry. Based on the severity of your crack, the podiatrist will prescribe the medication. For dealing with heal pain, generally, podiatrists rely on medication. If your case becomes major, surgery may be required. However

If you want to avoid cracked heel, you must take care of your feet on a regular basis.

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