If you've been following the personal development world, you might have come across a new product that's been launched recently. This product is called “Crack Your Egg”, and is made by Henk Schram. Henk is the creator of the previous “Revolutioniz” self improvement program.

I'm on the mailing of many self help experts, and I notice that a number of them are emailing me about this product. Greg Frost of “Mind Secrets Exposed” promotes it. Dr. Robert Anthony of “Secrets of Deliberate Creation” promotes it too – they actually sent me an email with identical titles!

Luckily, I am already on an advanced notification list, so seeing these experts promote this launch made me more interested.

If you've been checking this out too, you'll know that the creator of this program has made a series of free videos to introduce the program. These videos also aim to wet the appetite of self improvement enthusiasts, in preparation for his launch (which is going good, I assume).

You might have seen these videos also. Based on the response of the people who've seen it, many are delighted. Many have expressed their excitement at what seems to be a promising, “breakthrough” method.

But is it really?

In the free videos, Henk walks you through the reason why limiting beliefs are difficult to clear. He attributes this to the “egg”, which is an “energetic cocoon of low vibrational energy”. This “egg” is inside you, and is responsible for keeping you small and “safe”.

Henk says you must break out of this eggshell if you want to experience a fulfilling life. This is a similar premise to many other self help programs. The underline that connects them all is the importance of subconscious programming and how it affects your “manifestation”.

So what's the difference between Crack Your Egg and other programs?

For starters, I really like Henk's style and approach. He clearly avoids using outrageous claims that have no basis – which is what many experts tend to do.

Instead, he has a laid back, unassuming and friendly approach. This makes his point of view a fresh listen. I suppose this is also why his presentations attract a delighted crowd that is weary from all the “over marketed hype”.

He also speaks from a “user” perspective – meaning he's been trying various other products. But like many people, he hasn't yet found the “missing key”. Any progress he's made only lasts a while. Does this sound familiar to you?

This perspective makes Henk more believable – for me personally. He's been working on Crack Your Egg for 4 years, because he wants to provide a method for long lasting change.

But what truly separates this program apart is something I've come to realize. This program is designed for personal development veterans, who are tired of the “new age mumbo jumbo”, and desire a more scientific, tangible, systematic approach to create permanent change.

You can see this clearly from how Henk presents his free material. It's rather lengthy, and based on the Facebook fan page response it doesn't fit everyone. However, if you're looking for a different angle on subconscious programming, then this could fit you.

His distinct style is also apparent in how he lays out his main material in the member's area of the program. There is a “Quick Start” guide that Henk insists you use (instead of the “Complete Approach”), so you can get results as soon as possible.

The main premise of the “missing key” that Henk reveals in the free materials is the subject of “meta patterns”. Since I'm still going through the course, I can't clearly define what a meta pattern is (although I have an idea of it). But based on the free study guides I've read, meta patterns are:

“Meta-patterns are ‘driving forces’ that play themselves out on a deeper level between your
fundamental wiring processes (such as ‘habituation’ and ‘filtering’) and your ‘subconscious
application programming’.

To put that differently using our overarching ‘egg-terminology’: meta-patterns make up the
foundation for your eggshell structure … they’re the ‘groundwork’ and ‘core, steel structure’ on
and around which you build the unique configuration of ‘egg elements’ that makes up your

– page 24 of “Crack Your Egg Session 3”

Therefore, as long as any personal development method you use doesn't deal with meta patterns, you won't get that breakthrough shift and long lasting results that some people seem to have naturally.

Consequently, Henk goes into detail about meta patterns, what they are and how to overcome them, in the main training program of Crack Your Egg. His premise is that when you can identify and work with your meta patterns, then you can clear your limiting beliefs from their roots.

Since this program comes at an upper level price point, I'm writing a full, step by step review as I go through it progressively on my website (the link is below in my author bio). You can leave me questions there, or you can ask them here and I'll do my best to answer.

Author's Bio: 

Deny D. Ritz is currently learning the Crack Your Egg course. If you're looking for more information about this new program before making the jump then feel free to visit his review website at: http://crackyoureggreview.net