As temperatures across India have already started to dip, most homeowners are looking for ideas to make their homes cozy, vibrant and beautiful. Winters in India are meant for a lot of outdoor fun. But with some effort and thinking you can make your home apt for plenty of indoor adventures too. Just like you have to adorn those heavy woollen garments with the onset of winter, so does your home. Your home needs to cover itself with the ideal decorations for the season. Now, if you are wondering how to add the cozy touch to your home, let us share some ideas with you.

- Opt for Woollen Cushions: Your regular cushions might do a perfect job all year round, but with the change of season your cushions need a change too. The knited woollen cushions are a perfect fit for winters. They are warm and cozy. If you are thinking about decor, then let us tell you these knited woollen cushions are available in a range of designs, styles and colors. You can definitely find the one that blends with your home decor.

- Install Heavy Curtains: The regular curtains need to be pulled down, washed and then stacked away into the cupboards. For the winters are here and these soft and lightweight curtains will not fit the bill when the temperatures get chilling outside. You may purchase some heavy curtains. Such curtains not only look cozy, but work perfectly in keeping the breeze (which penetrates through small window gaps) out.

- Adopt Warm Lighting: The nights get really long during the winter months, and there lies the role of your lighting fixtures. They should stay inviting and warm. The best way to get this effect is to invest in table lamps. Placing one in the living room is an absolute must. You may try them in various other rooms too. Hanging lights also auger well for the winters. They can be placed in the kitchen or common areas of the house. If you visit the market you will get many other lighting ideas which carry the warm touch about them.

- Buy some Winter Accessories: Candles are the best winter home accessories. Their glow gives a cozy, comfortable and warm look to the room. You can arrange them on a table in order of heights and thickness.

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