Coyle Hospitality Group is a leading hospitality consulting firm in the Chicago metropolitan area. Understanding the world-class standards for service demanded by Chicago patrons, Coyle provides customized mystery shopping and evaluation services, along with market research analysis, to enhance the overall guest experience. A tailored-made guest experience measurement program is essential to earning customer loyalty given all of the options available to customers in Chicago.

Take for example that fine dinning and culinary exquisiteness are diverse institutions in the Windy City. One can experience the cutting-edge molecular gastronomy of Homaro Cantu at Moto, or the theatrical cuisine crafted by Grant Achatz at Lincoln Park’s Alinea. Other popular Chicagoan spots are Stephen Wambach’s Epic, the Michelin-starred chef Domenico Acampora’s Accanto, and Rick Bayless’ Topolobampo, to name but a few. It is not just that Chicago has taken the culinary creations of other cities and cultures to new heights; it has originated American classics itself. Chicago is famous for its invention of the deep dish pizza. The deep dish pizza gives meaning to the term “pizza pie,” as authentic Chicago-style pizza, such as that served up at the Pizzeria Uno, requires the use of a fork and knife! Overall, the range of quality service experiences Chicago offers is as varied as its fine cuisine.

In such a culturally-enlightened metropolis, it can be difficult for luxury service providers to make their mark, or even to run a profitable business. Competition among such businesses is almost as fierce as the weather, and as such, establishments invest in a range of services and products to gain new customers and prominence. That said, the Coyle Hospitality Group has employed expert mystery shoppers in Chicago since 1996. Due to its success, Coyle works with over 500 shoppers in the greater Chicago area and its presence in the Chicago hospitality industry is expanding.

Hospitality experts know that the best way to optimize an experience-serving business is to detect opportunities for improving customer satisfaction. Coyle knows that the most effective method for identifying these opportunities is strategically designed and performed service evaluations. Importantly, Coyle is highly selective in choosing their consultants. This ensures that clients receive the complete story of the guest experience as told by real patrons. Not only do Coyle consultants produce systematic reports based on actionable data, they leverage this intelligence to implement plans for attaining the highest possible standards of service. Ultimately, professional mystery shopping services, like those offered by Coyle Hospitality Group, are vital for restaurants and hotels to succeed in Chicago.

About Coyle Hospitality Group

Founded in 1996, Coyle Hospitality Group is a market leader in providing Chicago mystery shopping, quality benchmarking, brand compliance, and market research services exclusively for the global hospitality industry. With over 60,000 evaluations performed in restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, cruise liners and timeshares, Coyle Hospitality has the experience and mystery shopper resources to immediately deploy and customize quality assurance and guest experience measurement program appropriate for operations of any scale.

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Coyle Hospitality provides Chicago mystery shopping and mystery shoppers. They offer the best way to receive the real review of your establishment.