COVID-19 And Digital Transformation- A Strong Interconnection

Since January 2020, the world is facing COVID-19 crisis, an unprecedented one in the history of mankind. All of us are facing a strong disruption in our social lives and work. We have already faced more digital transformation in the last 1 month than the last 10 years. Most of the areas of our businesses are facing problems due to closures whereas some of the economic sectors are growing, these include telecom, internet, supply chains, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. It has been noticed that already 70% of companies have digitally transformed. Let us see how COVID-19 is driving the digital transformation.

How COVID-19 Is Accelerating The Digital Transformation?
1. Telemedicine –
Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries came to the focus during this crisis. Digital transformation in the medical industry has been an interesting and advantageous prospect in a few years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine has emerged as a need for this crisis. Also, there is a need for doctors who can remotely consult with patients so as to reduce the chances of virus transmission. In the near future, we can expect the growth in telehealth as a result of the long-term pandemic.

2. Virtual Events –
As we came to know the details of pandemic’s, it became clear that conferences and events were the main source for transmission. Participants came from all over the world and spent some days with one other. During a viral outbreak, this can be a cause of the disaster and hence most of the events canceled.

Analyzed from all these, there is a new focus on virtual events and online learning. Companies are organizing the virtual tech events for employees while ensuring they maintain value and remain compelling. It seems that virtual events will replace the traditional way of events. We can expect to see new innovations and acceleration in virtual events.

3. Online Collaboration Tools –
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