You might be agreeing with me if I ever told that honesty is the center of any personal success. All our relationship will be more productive and meaningful while we are truly honest. That is the stability and wellness that we usually are looking for in life.

Courtesy is just another manifestation which will have the result that we want depending on our intentions. It is another wonderful tool to apply in order to experiment healthy relationships. It feels great when we go to the mall and someone holds on the door for us with a big smile, right? Or when we call to a doctor’s office and we are well attended. Details matters in good relationships!

Now, what happens when a friend asks you for a feedback about his work because he has a true intension of changing whatever didn’t work? Have you ever been in that situation? What did you answer? Did you truly served your friend with your feedback or you chose to be kind? … I know! That is a tough call! Giving feedback is not an easy task because in some unconscious level it promotes FEAR (to lose, not being assertive, to look bad, etc)

Well, the thing is that when we choose not to be honest, what’s the other route? Courtesy, that’s right! Where we don’t tell what we want to say but what we think the other person wants to hear. (That way we think we don’t hurt their feelings).

We are easily distracted when we are not honest with ourselves. Then we may become unstable and less accountable with our commitments. When this happens, usually means that we are not clear enough of our true purpose or simply we pretend to ignore it. It takes so much courage and consistency from us. When we are dishonest we pay many expensive prices, like:

We Lose Power. Even when we are clear of whom we are, to practice dishonesty on any detail, disable us, at certain point, to identify what is true and what is real in our lives. We disconnect our selves from the pure source and then confusion leads the way.

Keep you on the “Searching of”: Doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or how much knowledge you manage. Your results won’t change in any way. You will still having irrelevant results giving you the same information and you will be still being ineffective in whatever you do. And is as simple as this! You are putting all your energy on searching instead of finding.

Frustration. Because it seems that more you work, less results you have.

No Credibility. Dishonesty drains your inner power. Even when you have a clear intension, your actions will have no impact at all staying on a superficial surface. People will not feel safe around you. That’s because you have lost credibility and presence.

How can I start to evaluate my honesty?

Take a risk and renounce to “look good” People who substitute honesty for courtesy become hypocrites to protect their image. Dishonesty take away Inner Presence. To look excellent is not the same that being excellent.

Participate actively in your life! Don’t be an spectator of your own life. It means that is important for you to have ownership of your life. Retake and protect your own keep (spiritually speaking) and decide for yourself consulting to your inner wisdom… believe me is there!

Stay on the Question. That way you free yourself of expectations, assumptions, judgments and opinions that may distract you of taking good choices in your present.

Be Eloquent. Take the shot! Communicate what you have to say when you need to say it! Articulate responsibly in simple language and straight forward .

Stop and pay attention to the information of your Results. Are you having the results you want? Are you moving in the correct direction?

Take that information and translate them to answers. Results tell you who have you been, how you’ve done it and describes what your priority were on that exact moment of your life… Listen to them!

Translate the answers into possibilities. What opportunity open doors for you to retake your personal success? What is it you need to work on? Create an action plan! When you mean to live your life, you stop surviving. Choose Inner power, balance and make it all possible by being honorable and honest with yourself... always!

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Saritza Zambrana is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. And how create a highly successful and meaningful personal and professional life attracting and evoking spiritual community in their leadership practice. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Certified Coach, transformational trainer, Yoga teacher and latin magazine collaborator. To experience Saritza's coaching and find out more about her programs write to us! at: