The Bachelor of Accounting Degree is the first step towards a high flying career in accounting. A Bachelor's Degree in Accounting may be either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. If you go for a B.S. program, you will get to choose from marketing and business courses for your electives, on the other hand if you decide to earn a B.A., you may need to study a foreign language or choose general education courses for electives. The courses for both degree programs are designed to prepare students to work as accountants.

Coursework for Bachelor of Accounting Degree Program

The coursework for Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting provides students with a solid knowledge of marketing and business laws as well as technical training in spreadsheets and databases. Some of the courses that students may encounter include:

Financial Accounting
Management Principles
Cost Management
Income Taxation
Fraud Examination
Accounting Theory
Accounting Systems and Controls
Business Communication
Business Economics
Financial Accounting
Business Mathematics
Management Theory And Practice
Spreadsheets And Databases
Business Law
Income Tax Law
Financial Research And Analysis

Additional Requirements

Apart from the above courses, students may be required to satisfy certain additional requirements before procuring the Bachelor of Accounting Degree. These may be:


There is a huge difference between what you study in the accounting books and how you apply the same in real life. Keeping this in mind, many colleges stress the need for students to complete an internship before passing out of college as this adds immense value in the eyes of the recruiters.

Project Presentations

Every student may be allotted a specialized area of focus in accounting upon which they may be required to present a project. The project may be presented in a seminar too.
A Bachelor’s in Accounting Degree is the first step you need to take to make a career in in accounting and auditing. This degree can help you gain essential knowledge and experience required to pursue a rewarding career position in the accounting field.

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Accounting Degree Requirements

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