Courier Services trace roots to Persia in 400BC. Today the industry is strong with big boys like DHL and FedEx taking the largest share of this wonderful cake. Couriers offer a wide range, if not the whole supply chain solution for goods. Players are mostly major in parcel and bulk goods transport. Courier services come to a great aid to printing, hospitals, and manufacturing companies, who hugely depend on these services to get their supplies. Unlike regular mail delivery, a courier service comes in handy with great features like tracking, security, and proof of delivery. In Germany, these services are available thanks to a good number of players. Here are some companies offering these services in Germany.

Mondo Logistics GMBH.

The corporation focuses on local and long-distance transport of goods and specializes in immediate transport in pre-carriage, and onward carriage for air freights. Mondo logistics has its headquarters in Weiterstadt. They also engage in international couriers and delivery services, clearing and forwarding, Groupage service providing, and other transport-related businesses.

Steinfurth & CO GMBH.

The service provider Steinfurth & CO GMBH was founded in 2001. The firm focus is on international couriers and deliveries. They provide their services through air and ship freight trucks and by train. We situate the company Head Offices in Hamburg.


FedEx is a big player, as already mentioned above. Today the firm is well established in 220 countries, including Germany, and offers a wide range of shipping services in relation to your desires. FedEx tracking systems are among the best in the industry. You can also change delivery options and obtain proof of delivery through their website. Customers give high ratings to the service provider; hence FedEx is trusted by many and can be a good choice for your courier needs.

Kurierdienst Dago Express.

Dago Express operates in Germany and Europe, offering a wide range of courier services.  They offer fair prices to their customers and also specialize in timely deliveries. The company engages in the delivery of pellets, parcel, building materials, machine, trade fair goods, and important letters. The company guarantees express pick-ups and delivery throughout Europe in the shortest time possible. Its transport insurance comes in handy in ensuring the security of your transit goods. For more information, you can check their website.


To sum up, DHL is another well-established service provider to make it to our list. If you are looking for a courier that is widely trusted and a darling to most customers, DHL will definitely fit in that shoe. Like FedEx, the firm's operations are spreading worldwide with offices and warehouses in 200 countries. The company's headquarters are in Bonn and was founded in 1969. The firm boasts of being the largest logistics establishment in the globe, where it's trusted by other companies in the handling of supplies. You can track your parcel at ease thanks to DHL's efficient tracking system, though entering your tracking number on the tracking section on the service provider's website. Do you know that DHL stands for Dalsey Hillblom Lynn? Now you know.

In conclusion, the courier service industry is today strong and continues to evolve with time. These firms, as we have seen, make it easier for individuals and organizations to ship and receive supplies and parcels through fair prices and excellent systems. 

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