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“ It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Quote by - Epictetus, the 1st Century Greek Philosopher

Courage is daring to be brave, enterprising, and bold in your professional or personal life. How often do you question your thoughts, your actions, or your motives? When you don’t exercise the ability to always test yourself, you may lose not only your confidence, but more importantly you lose the ability to focus, and to know yourself or your friends.

Not many people experience life the way they wish it to be. If things don’t work out the way you want, don’t find someone else to blame. Know what goals you want, then find out what actions you need to do to reach them.

Ask yourself questions about your goals. Then compare your own answers to what others may wish for you. After all, having a successful business or personal life filled with contentment, requires you to know yourself and the goals that are best for you.

If you wish to grow and stay successful, courage is important. Learn to value the challenges that always happen in your life. When working through challenges, you find your inner strength. An finding your inner strength gives you a good tool for building self-confidence and self-esteem.

There’s something inside each of us that fuels our motivation, or passion, and our reason to succeed. Keep encouraging yourself to take the necessary risks to refuel your confidence. You are what’s important.

Don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of your progress in reaching your goals. Control your thoughts. Think about what’s important to you. When your thoughts are positive, they have a way of replenishing your courage. No matter how often difficult challenges get you down, don’t give in to negative thinking. Instead, focus on what gives you your strength and uniqueness.

Live life in a constant state of awareness. Practice peaceful thinking. With a dash of forcefulness, and a good measure of faith and spirituality, you will then be exercising your gift of courage.

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For well over twenty years, Gerri D Smith combines her many talents as fashion apparel and accessories designer, entrepreneur, and creative writer. On the design side, creating elegant and distinctive designs is her on going passion. In Gerri’s words, "It is always a loving challenge to create and/or find unique accessories that can highlight your appearance and beauty as a woman." On the writing side, Gerri loves to motivate and challenge you with words of wisdom and inspiration. Her first book, “A Challenge of Love,” encourages your self-esteem. More details, visit,