We all have what Freud calls an Alter Ego. As a child mine was Superman. I would dive off my back porch with a towel around my neck landing on my belly with arms outstretched scraping my elbows until they bled.

For the past twelve years or more my Alter Ego has been that of a Samurai Warrior which has given me the strength and courage to overcome the many obstacles I've faced and to be a better servant to others in need.

I've been thinking a lot this past couple of weeks about courage. As you all know, I've had a very challenging year and a half after losing my left leg to an amputation and my right kidney to cancer. Finally, after recovering from a coma and nearly dying, the doctors told me the only thing that kept me alive and fighting was my champions heart and my incredible courage.

Well, I recently had another medical set back and am now getting back on my feet again. For the past two weeks I've been fighting hour by hour to make it through my crisis. My strength and courage once again prevailed and I am now making progress again.

So then, what is this thing we call courage?

True courage in the face of adversity and crisis is holding everything together when everyone thinks you're going to fall apart or fail.

Courage is one of the seven Virtues of the Samurai Warrior.

Courage is bravery in the face of fear and danger.

You do the right thing even though it may be hard or scary.
When you have courage, you don't give up.
You try new things. You admit mistakes. You press on and continue to move forward.

You take Heroic Action in the face of peril and danger.

Remember as I have said before, Heroes do for others and expect nothing in return.

We are maybe just all ordinary people, but we all have extraordinary gifts to share with others.

My challenge to you is to Dare to Awaken the Hero inside of you today.

Step up. Step out. Have Courage and make a difference in someone's life.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Bill Fetter has over 30 years of experience improving organizational performance using management, organization development, training, team development, and executive coaching for strategic change. He has served as both an internal and external consultant and senior manager for several Fortune 200 Companies.

Neuropyschologist, Speaker, Author, Minister, Certified Professional Coach, Former University Professor, Former Space Shuttle Astronaut trainer, Actor, Musician, Performer, Pilot, Life/Relationship Coach.

Bill's track record includes success in corporate, non-profit, and aerospace; including astronaut and crew training for Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, and consulting environments. He is an internationally recognized leader in innovative Training and Development Solutions. Bill has been published in over 55 professional journals, publications, and books; and, has been on TV and Radio stations worldwide for his contributions in advancing learning technologies and cognition.

In addition to Bill's technical training design and development skills, he also has facilitated over 100 seminars and workshops including career development, customer service, time and stress management, management coaching, sales effectiveness, meeting management, performance management, presentation skills, Leadership Development, Samurai Leadership, and many others.

Bill started his professional journey as a Registered and Certified ASCP Microbiologist and was a Clinical Virologist for the Texas State Department of Health.