The new year is often recognized as a way to refresh our lives, but it’s also a good time to think about refreshing our homes. The main focal point of many homes is the kitchen. It’s the place where families gather and spend most of their time with friends and loved ones. Keeping that space updated can make it a welcoming area for your home. Here are some of the top countertop trends you’ll see this year across the Toledo, northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan areas.

Matching countertop and backsplash: Instead of a traditional tile backsplash, many homeowners are opting to extend the countertop pattern or material up the wall for a more continuous look. Quartz slabs are typically used for countertops, but they can also be the perfect addition for a backsplash. This look is very modern and can be the perfect backdrop for dishes or decor on display.

Quartz countertops: Don’t look for quartz countertops to go away anytime soon. Quartz countertops have been very popular recently, and that trend will continue. This is because of their durability and non-porous material. There are wide varieties of colors and patterns to choose from, making it one of the most desirable countertops for families. These countertops are also becoming more affordable and will continue to be one of the top choices this year.

Recyclable countertops: Eco-friendly countertops are in high demand as more homeowners are choosing to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Not only are recycled glass countertops low maintenance, durable and scratch resistant, but they’re also a great choice for earth conscious homeowners.

Dark countertops: With many homeowners opting for a more natural look to their kitchens, they are choosing more earth tones for their color schemes, and this includes darker shades for the countertops. Dark countertops can brighten other lighter colored areas of the kitchen as well. Colors such as dark grays, dark browns, and black can complement nearly any color scheme including bright, bold, and white.

Countertop islands: A new trend this year is with the kitchen islands. Many homeowners are now opting to use the island as a way to feature a stovetop, sink, or refrigeration unit. They’re choosing a granite or quartz countertop to enhance those features.

Textured countertops: Instead of a glossy finish, stone countertops with some texturing are gaining in popularity. A stone’s natural color and unique patterns can be brought out even more with a matte finish.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and keeping it refreshed with the latest trends can help add to the excitement and beauty that it brings. You can learn more about any of these trends by visiting our northwest Ohio showroom. Our countertop professionals will be happy to answer any of your questions and pick out the best countertop for your home.

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The Countertop Shop was originally started in 1990 as a commercial cabinet company doing cabinets, laminate, and Corian type countertops. We eventually branched into the residential business by the acquisition of a small residential countertop fabricator called Solid Surface Studio. Obviously by the name they did solid surface only and mainly Corian. In about 2003 the decision was made to drop cabinets all together, concentrate only on countertops, and start doing stone. We became the only one stop shop in the area and were doing everything from laminate to granite.