In our previous article discussing Tampa kitchen remodeling projects, we discussed the idea of considering new flooring options when changing your kitchen. Our flooring suggestion allowed you to understand the positives associated with the installation of beautiful new laminate flooring, but we would like you to imagine that lovely flooring matched with newly installed countertops. It is a recipe for beauty!

Project Three: Countertop Installation During Your Tampa Kitchen Remodeling Project.

Whereas cabinets are a focal point for a potential buyer of your Tampa home, and flooring is a necessity if you do not want to be considered a savage, your countertops are the star of your kitchen! The right material is what gives you the wow factor when a person first enters the room after your Tampa kitchen remodeling project is complete. More than any other single decision in your Tampa kitchen remodeling project, choosing the correct countertop is a matter of keeping up on trends.

If you are looking to add value to your Tampa home, stick with affordable granites and manufactured stone that is available on the market. Prices will range from $40.00 to $100.00(+) per square foot, and you must be prepared to understand that durability will be an issue in this Tampa kitchen remodeling project.

If you do not understand what any of this means, use the rule that darker granites with consistent patterns tend to be stronger stone. Granites with a more elaborate pattern will result in a higher price tag. You will want to try to stick with dark and durable granite, perhaps a dark brown that is both affordable and very strong. This will allow your money to be wisely spent in your Tampa kitchen remodeling project.

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Countertop Installation During Your Tampa Kitchen Remodeling Project.