Counseling careers - It is good to help others and it is even better if you can help them to transform their lives. To take a person who is going through an emotional torment or who is undergoing an emotional improvement in their goals or their personality. To take someone who is anxious and turn them into someone who is at peace with themselves is wonderful. To take a flawed self image or personality or improve them so that you are happier or more able to work out your goals or achieve them is one of the most exceptional things you can do.

People from all walks of life need to get guidance and sometimes those with the most responsibilities and commitments need it most of all. They may need a sounding board, someone to listen or simply support. People who are lonely may need support while they continue to be alone and sort out how to move forward. Perhaps they are shy and need help with becoming more sociable and making friends. People who have just split from a partner might need support and a sounding board while they adjust and become used to being single. If they were in their very first relationship it might be a totally new concept to them to live on their own and they might even find it hard to deal with things like finances and the usual things that are involved in living alone.

Anyone who is into helping others and who has a kind and patient personality should seriously consider being a counsellor where they can work from home if they wish, online if they prefer and even part time. Some do it as a very part time thing focusing on their children or their full time job the rest of the time.

The financial rewards are just part of the whole thing. There are a lot of people out there that would do this for free because they want to help others so much. Some of them are very intelligent and educated people who could earn far more doing something else. There is a site where you can train for free - saving you a bundle on training - this usually comes to a considerable amount. You can see full details of this at Ask yourself if you have the right type of personality -
patient, kind, caring, reliable, honest, smart, and if the answer is yes find out more. Do you like the idea of meeting people or working online? Have you consistently got a few hours a week to spare to a second or only part time "career"?

Of course, there are other ways you can help others. You can do voluntary work or train to do something different. Only you know what suits your personality and situation best.

Counseling careers.

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Leading counsellor and therapist Samantha South