“How you do anything, is how you do everything.” That quote has stuck with me throughout the years. I use it as a measurement of how I live and serve the people that I work with and the people that I surround myself with. More than ever, our Law of Attraction skills with clients and customers are at the forefront of how we will thrive in this economy. This allows you to keep your job while improving your skills to prevent being laid off.

If you are like most of the solo-preneurs that I serve, they work with the general public in some way, shape or form. I am often asked “how do I retain the existing clients that I have or how can I attract more clients?” I mention that to attract more ideal clients we need to be great listeners. Listening builds self-worth. I am talking about dropping everything and giving that person your full attention. When you listen attentively to another person and it is apparent that you authentically care about what that other person is saying their self-worth goes up and they feel valued. They feel more important and worthy as a person. You can actually make another person feel wonderful about them by listening in a caring, genuine, and considerate way to everything they have to say.

When you pay close attention to someone, make direct eye contact, lean into the conversation and take the time to listen, you create a deeper authentic connection with each other. They can tell that you are listening to every word. Both of you are attentive and interested in the other person. The more each of you listens to the other, the more positive and content each of you feel and the stronger the connection is between you.

You are placing all of your attention on that person and they can sense and feel your focus. Today more than ever clients and possible prospects want to be seen and heard. You always listen to that which you most value when someone is speaking, and you always ignore that which you don’t place a very high value on. The fastest way to turn a client off, or to upset them and make them feel like their feelings are hurt is to merely pay no attention to what they are saying or interrupt them in the middle of a thought or while they are speaking. Ignoring or interrupting is the equivalent of diminishing the value of that person. If you are wondering how this will affect your business think back a few clients. Did you pay attention to them, and did they just absolutely love your service? Are they talking about you and saying great things about how you gave them over the top service and really heard them? Your results in your sales will be a perfect match to your client satisfaction and retention. Are you paying attention to applying the skill of listening to prevent being laid off or being replaced by someone who does apply this skill?

Here are two ways to get started now:

Take every opportunity to make the other person feel significant and important by listening attentively to what they say. Make eye contact, and choose to only focus on them and leave multi-tasking for later.

Avoid interrupting the other person when they are speaking or in the middle of a thought. Wait until they have finished the thought or finished speaking. Choose authentic words to let them know that they have been seen and heard to deepen the connection. Watch your client attraction and retention go way up! And you will be more likely to keep your job, and move up in the company. Or maybe, one day start your own company.

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