Could You Make One Positive Change?

Do you have a seer, mentor or commentator you automatically believe based
on past experience? It is called the Law of Association – meaning there is a
LINK, joining and union with their ideas or beliefs. Association (from Latin)
means soci(us) – partner or comrade. So What?

We Homo sapiens work 24/7 to find people and ideas that make us comfortable, enforce the status quo, and are predictable. What does that describe?
Repetition. Even the word sounds boring, but it is the mother of learning, habit and
memory. What is stronger than that?

Call me retarded, but to understand deeply, we need some synonyms to produce
a Picture (mental movie) in our 3-pound coconut. Repetition – we know you know
repetition, heard and used it all your life – but it comes from Latin – to attack again.

See one army with tanks and aircraft smashing their opponents to smithereens –
that is a positive visualization of repetition: to-attack-again.

Science of Repetition

Get this: neurological research in 2009 indicates: understanding the Why?
and How? of new ideas, concepts and beliefs adds up to 15% to your thinking skills. You learn new stuff faster and lock it into long-term memory easier, if you understand its context and background. Knowing How? and Why? links to a deeper mental Association.

Repeat in your mind – Only by practicing new behaviors, strategies and methods,
will they become permanent HABITS to influence, persuade and convince me
to improve my lifestyle.

If I Am Lying, I’m Dying

We Humans tend to STOP trying ten-feet from the top of the mountain. How come? We HATE discipline, whether it come from the dominance of others or Self-Discipline. Both forms of learning make us feel attacked and submissive.

Example: the reason 98.2% of kids and adults secretly hate school, teachers and
learning is – the dominance of the leader in front of the room. It activates our
Sympathetic Nervous System – and its Fight-or-Flight syndrome.

We cannot flee from the situation, but we can fight by closing-our-mind to learning.
School, learning and education are a battleground between the Predator and its Prey. Who is the Prey – the subordinate, submissive, underling in the learning and education environment?

One Positive Change – Two-Minute Exercise

Can you produce a fake ear-to-ear SMILE? Do it now and hold that silly grin for
a count of one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand up to eight-one-thousand.
Now set your lips and face muscles to active a SILENT OH! and hold that expression for one-one-thousand up to eight-one-thousand.

Do five more reps – call it under two-minutes and you are finished.


When you feel the muscles in your neck and throat resist the SMILE – you are
exercising your facial expression muscles, you automatically resist a Double Chin and Sagging Throat in the present and in the future.

For Inquiring Minds: you are exercising your PLATYSMA (muscles
that connect your neck to your chest) for facial expressions.
Specifically, it spans your lower jaw, neck, and throat. Platysma starts at the Pectorals (chest) to the Deltoid (shoulder).

Each repetition stretching your smiling expression (ear-to-ear) and feeling it hurt
in your jaw and neck, strengthens your facial muscles and avoids a Double (sagging) Chin.

Tell Me

Why would young people (college students) be concerned about Double Chin?
Vanity, egotism, and sex are good for starters. Your first impression with folks
stays permanently as their judgment of you up to 98% of the time. Don’t we all want others to think well of us for social and/or business purposes?

Taut (tight, not slack) facial expressions create a positive impression to new acquaintances. Students and senior executives want to preserve their impression
of being Ageless and Unlimited until they cash in their chips.


We challenged a class of college students and a workshop of executives to learn
and put into practice on a daily basis one (1) new behavior that would produce
tangible results in their personal appearance.

Are males less vain, conceited, and egotistical about their appearance than females?
Did you know VAIN is derived from Empty in - guess- what? Latin.

One hundred percent of students and executives chose to test this daily exercise – was it vanity, ego or good business?
Follow up six-months later indicates up to 87% of each group has created a behavioral habit through repetition. They continue to trigger this 2-minute exercise
at the office or in class at least once daily because they see results in the mirror after 10 days.

Oh yeah, after 21 days No Double Chin exercise goes on Autopilot as a hardwired neural network. Why don’t they stop doing it? It is easy to execute, takes just 2 minutes and has long-term benefits on self-confidence.


Work out your Facial Expression muscles with this two-minute exercise.
Sitting at your computer, in class or at your desk, make-believe you are looking in
the mirror and make a funny-face at yourself by a Ear-to-Ear smile.

If you don’t feel your neck and throat muscles stretching tight so it hurts – (no pain, no gain) you lost the exercise. Remember, SMILE broadly and hold it for 8 seconds, and repeat it a total of six times.

Wait – after each SMILE rep change your facial expression to a pointy OH! and hold that for 8 seconds. The entire shebang takes two-minutes.

Want to double your health and longevity – with each rep inhale and hold a Diaphragmatic breath. Inhale-hold-exhale simultaneously with each 8-second repetition. Same two-minute exercise, more benefits in oxygen and glucose.

Here is the challenge; can you install No Double Chin as a new Neural Network for positive physical improvement? You don’t care? We understand – you have no ego
or vanity issues, and do not care about how you appear to yourself and others.

Our experience: 95% of our students and executives want to surrender before
they create a new habit. They love the familiar, status quo, comfort-zone and homeostasis (same-old-same-old) equilibrium. We call it falling off the wagon ten
feet from the top. Get your PreFrontal Cortex to analyze it. Be a 5% er now.


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