We all remember the storms this time last November when it seemed to rain forever and the wind gusts brought down trees and power lines. Whilst the effect extreme weather can have on our lives is well documented, many UK companies are still failing to plan for events such as these, oblivious to damage it can do to their ability to do business.

Last year thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and our coastline suffered some of the biggest tidal surges in the last 60 years. And, while it may seem like a bit of doom mongering, those extreme weather conditions are set to increase in the future and businesses have to be prepared. The St Jude Storm in October 2013 caused severe disruption to national transport services and left some 600,000 homes and businesses without power. The subsequent flooding cost businesses over £800 million and many were still cleaning up the mess three months after the water subsided.

If you want your company to continue doing business when others are battling with downed systems then you might like to think about the cloud. Having access to simple technology like a hosted desktop has a number of benefits that can help your business keep going even in the most extreme circumstances.

Benefits of Cloud Based Hosted Desktop Service

  • It’s a more cost effective way to run your IT support because you can tailor it to your individual needs.
  • It leads to greater connectivity and productivity. You staff can access their virtual desktops 24/7 and work from anywhere in the world on any device that is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • You can scale up whenever you want, which means that your IT support changes as your business grows.
  • You get state-of-the-art disaster recovery and management. That means your hardware may have been destroyed by that storm event but your data and software is safe and available to use via a virtual desktop. You staff can carry on working and your business can keep on being productive.
  • Storms aren’t the only extreme events that can cause problems. There are things like power outages and server problems. With a hosted service your business suffers the minimum amount of downtime which ensures you are always open for business.

Cloud hosting provides you with a secure, reliable environment in which to work online. And the great thing is you only have to pay for what you use. That means no long contracts, and no add-ons that you don’t really need. You don’t have to worry about backing up your files because it is all done for you and, if you are unlucky enough to suffer an extreme weather event, you can be sure that you keep on working.

Author's Bio: 

I am Erika Chitty. I work for M2Computing in Operations & Sales support. At M2Computing, We provide flexible and affordable Small Business IT Support, systems support, Cloud Hosting services and virtual desktop across the South East, UK.