Historically, country flags originated solely for military purposes and it was during the sailing age that the use of country flags prevailed, where signs and symbolism were necessary to effectively carry boats and their teams safely across the oceans to safer climbs, whilst battling all whom crossed their path.

However over the years, country flags have been less waved for political and military measures and instead, country flags are becoming more obvious in sporting stadiums across the World. Indeed, having just successfully hosted the 2012 Olympics and as a city who are approaching the Paralympics games; as a loyal Contingent of country followers, country flags came as part and parcel from all 204 countries, from Afghanistan, right to Zimbabwe.

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To experience the Paralympics games with quadrennial flourish and to give it the utmost respect that is deserves as a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event; those country flags will surely be flying high in the stands in the hands of those eager individuals wanting to show their solidarity and support for their fellow countrymen and to buoy up their country’s sporting elite. Show your support and make sure you don’t turn up empty handed.

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