I just watched a video, at first really sparked my interest and got me excited. A opportunity to make a $2,000 investment into a $100,000 windfall. The presentation is telling the truth about how 'real wealth' is obtained, get the early, reliable investments on the front end, like most that have come out of silicone valley, you're rich overnight. No different from this presentation. What's scary, its being mandated by the Federal government. Every major company on the face of the globe is dishing out billions of dollars to make sure they don't face financial collapse, by not securing, this soon to be 'wealth maker.' This wealth generator could very well show up in your mail between now and December of this year. Financial fraud worldwide has put the credit card companies in a very shaky position, whereas credit card purchases that were made by fraudulent transitions were solely there responsibility. This is soon changing, laying each company that sold the merchandise will be responsible to cover the illegal purchases. This is what is driving the positive, sure bet that this item will be off the charts in gains to be made by investors. A normal credit card is created for about .50 each, these new 'gold chip' cards will cost $2.50 each and there are supposed to be at least 4,000,000 produced by the end of 2015. Here's where a investor's ear should perk up...one small company in Colorado almost has all the rights to produce these 'gold chips.' Personally I believe this is indeed a way a financial retirement can be cemented! My main issue is a spiritual one. The Bible says in the last days many will be deceived. The number 666 will appear on each person's hand or forehead or you won't be able to purchase or sell...so in other words, your life just ended. The 'gold chip' initially will virtually insure your transactions cannot be hacked, no way...no how. The investor who gets in on the offering now will be getting rich, because these chips are destined to carry all your pertinent info, medical records, SS#, Address, bank account and credit card info, if its about you, this chip will have it. These cards are currently being distributed by the Federal government to all their employees, your banks and card companies will be sending them to your front door. If the Anti-Christ needs a way to monitor your every action, to know your whereabouts, this 'gold chip' sounds like it could be a real possibility. You ask, well that card won't be like 666 on your forehead or hand, that's very true, but one thing is for sure, you won't know what numbers have been assigned to these cards, in its inner workings, obviously a treasure trove of high technology. If you want to make a transaction using a card, very soon you won't be able to make that purchase without using these 'protected' cards and since its always on your person, they can monitor you wherever you are. If this sounds too scary or impossible, believe me, today's technology is being designed by minds that aren't your average student, these people are very, very brilliant. They are driven by their god...the dollar bill and don't believe that the promise for fame and fortune will somehow prevent them from trampling you and I in their tracks. The forces at work across the globe today march to a different drummer, our planet is changing by leaps and bounds. Being counted by days instead of years in technology being developed. Basically we're about to outsmart ourselves right off the face of the planet. I have no way to know if this is the platform for the Anti-Christ, but it surely should make Christians wake up and take notice.

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64 year old male living with wife Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Former Naval Reserve, Vietnam Veteran. Import manager for 2 Customs House Brokerage firms, Route salesman, delivery driver and Target employee. Authored two Christian books. Own neuropathynick.com website and blog site author-randolph-alvis.blogspot.com