Are you in the second year of your anniversary and want to find inspiration for the second anniversary gift ideas for men? The tradition is that cotton needs to be given as anniversary gifts for men for their second anniversary. This may be an old tradition, but it gives you the opportunity to be creative makes the gift exchange process very exciting.

You may think that there are limited choices of cotton anniversary gifts for men, but you are wrong. There are many different and thrilling options that will put your imaginative skills to good use. Let’s find interesting cotton anniversary gift ideas for men, for your second anniversary.

Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

You can most certainly decorate your master suite with colorful and breathtaking pillows, sheets and duvet. There are boundless ideas and designs that you could use, and maybe match some of his favorite colors. This will make it personal anniversary gift for him and at the same time they are very useful.

You can also put your dress making skills to good use. If you are not proficient in it, that is completely alright. You can buy him a pair of cotton pants or shorts for your wedding anniversary. You can get them in any design or color and your man will completely love it. Cotton shorts are perfect for a BBQ or a trip to the beach, this can be a perfect anniversary or birthday gift boyfriend who loves being outdoor. They can even use it to comfortably lounge at home. You can also buy or make him a cotton shirt or t shirt with maybe a picture of both of you together, some sweet note in it, or maybe a logo of his favorite super hero. It can even be plain, with or without a collar as long as it is cotton. You can also make him a cotton hoodie that they can use with their exercise work outs or like a trendy jacket for the anniversary and surprise with your simple but romantic gift idea for him.

Cotton for Their Love

If your man loves to cook you can appreciate his hobby and follow the tradition of the second anniversary by making him a cotton apron. You can include some eye catching graphics on it, or something like “awesome cook” or “real men wear aprons and don’t use recipes” or something cute along those lines. You can also get him a canvas painting for your anniversary. If you can paint something that would be great, but if not you can get a scenery done on it, a picture of both of you together or some other drawing that holds happy memories of your love, and a wonderful gift idea even for your 1st anniversary for your boyfriend assumed he is a fan of cotton. You can get him cotton car seats, although you will have to first get his approval before messing with his car.

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