Cortisol is a stress hormone which has many benefits for you. Cortisol helps people survive but if there is too much of it in you, it will deplete your anti-inflammatory hormones. In other words, cortisol is normally an anti-inflammatory but if you have sustained stress over many years - then your cortisol becomes depleted and you start running out of your anti-inflammatory which leads to inflammation causing chronic pain and soreness. This is called fibromyalgia. Simply put, fibromyalgia is a severe lack of anti-inflammatory hormones.
Cortisol is one of the few things in your body that gets rid of inflammation. Maybe you are thinking you do not want cortisol because it creates belly fat. Or perhaps you are thinking - why do I have belly fat and high levels of inflammation and fibromyalgia which is soreness throughout the entire body? Cortisol works somewhat like insulin, you can have allot of hormone in your body but it is not getting received in your receptors. For example, if you are inundated with phone calls every day by people selling things, eventually you will stop answering the phone. By not answering the phone you will not receive the communication. It is the same with cortisol, when you have high levels of stress for many years - your body receptors will become desensitized for cortisol and will not allow you to absorb it. So high levels of cortisol in the blood or saliva causes belly fat but it does not work for other things like anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic sinus allergies. Many people with adrenal problems have sinus allergies. Perhaps these sinus allergies are all year round and the sinuses become a little thick which can cause sleep apnea. One of the things you can do to counter these problems is take vitamin A. The Kale shake is very helpful with this problem and is very high in vitamin A.
Other things that occur can be neuro-accountability which is when you think about something excessively. Thinking and thinking about something over and over. Also there is a problem with muscle wasting, your muscles lose tone. Other problems can include a craving for salt, belly fat, bone issues and hypertension - specifically the systolic verses the diastolic blood pressure. Also there could be a problem with sleeping.
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