For couples or parents who face the problem of infertility there are now several different options available to remedy such problems. Modern day advances in the field of medicine has paved the way for different options when planning to have children for infertile couples. Medical procedures like Invitro Fertilization (IVF), Artificial Insemination and surrogacy have helped thousands of childless couples bear children of their own. Although, the process of surrogacy is not yet well accepted on some states, people are more open minded than others. Like in Florida, the state protects the welfare of intended parents and surrogate mothers with laws and statutes to cover the legality of this complex process. If you and your partner are thinking of trying surrogacy here are some of the general guidelines when it comes to the costs of surrogate agencies in Florida:

* Surrogacy costs vary from state to state. However, in Florida direct reimbursement to surrogate mothers is not permitted. Intended parents would just have to pay or reimburse the surrogate mother for reasonable expenses incurred during pregnancy from the time of delivery of the child. This law is very efficient because it saves intended parents thousands of dollars in costs.

* In some states where surrogacy is legal like in Florida, the cost of surrogacy can range from $20,000 - $30,000; this estimate does not cover medical bills a surrogate mother may incur during the course of pregnancy. The best way to get the most accurate estimate would be to hire the help of surrogate agencies. Surrogate agency in Florida is also prohibited from charging too much money to intended parents. The agency has clear guidelines on what expenses should be paid by the intended parents and they can easily itemize the fee structure that allows intended parents to make a more wise decision.

* If you are thinking that the cost of surrogacy is too much, then you better think again. The fee the intended parents pay surrogate agencies and mothers would also be used for the process of conception of the child. Medical procedures like IVF and artificial insemination alone can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, surrogate mothers would need to undergo fertility treatments to ensure conception of the child. Surrogate agencies in Florida and surrogate mothers do not make much money at all. Most of the fees they received are used for the process of conception and other reasonable expenses.

* Surrogacy fees are generally not covered by medical insurances. It is always best to inquire with your insurance first before deciding to try this procedure.

Though the cost of surrogate agencies would be a bit more expensive than directly transacting with a surrogate mother. You can never be really sure about the surrogate mother unless they were recommended by the surrogate agency. Since Florida has clear laws and guides about this process, Surrogate agency in Florida is a better option for many childless couples because they are well assured with the quality and professional service that they get from such agencies.

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