Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

The town of Puerto Viejo is located 124 miles east of San Jose and 34 miles south of Limon. Puerto Viejo Costa Rica has become more popular than the nearby Cahuita because of its lively atmosphere and because of the large amount of surfers that come to the area from around the country and the world to ride the famous Salsa Brava wave.
If you don't prefer surfing then there are several good swimming beaches and plenty of activity options including nearby rainforest trails. There are also a lot of great local and international restaurants that you can choose from.

The town gets a lot of rain so if you are looking for sun your best times to come are between September and October. Although even in these months suns not guaranteed. As you head further south there are even more beautiful beaches along the coast that have white sand and turquoise seas.

During the calm sea periods around August to October the waters are some of the clearest in the country. The coral reefs nearby offer excellent opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. Recently a paved road has connected Puerto Viejo with Manzanillo which has helped to make the beaches more accessible. There is a small selection of moderately priced and Costa Rica budget hotels along the coast line.

Puerto Viejo is located near the end of Costa Rica Caribbean coast. About nine miles south of Puerto Viejo is the town of Manzanillo and after that there is a national wildlife reserve that stretches all the way to the Panamanian border.

Manzanillo Costa Rica

Manzanillo, Costa Rica is located approximately 6.5km south of Puerto Viejo. It ends the coast road nicely in fact. When you go beyond the coast road that leads to Manzanillo, you will only find plush jungle. Monkey Point can be accessed from Manzanillo by boat, and there are several boat tours that will lead you there.

The people of Manzanillo are tight knit. The community is small and the people are close to one another. The town itself is much smaller that that of Puerto Viejo, with the inhabitants numbering about half of those in Puerto Viejo. The culture is quite rich however and most of the people who live there are of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Manzanillo is a place that has only recently become a tourist spot. Before recently, the town didn't have a complete paved road, making it difficult for many tourists. However, with a paving project well underway and complete in many areas, tourists are finding it easier to access this beautiful place and are enjoying the environment greatly.

So, if you are looking for a place in Costa Rica that is a little less inhabited than other spots, Manzanillo is a great choice. You can enjoy diving in the great coral locations off of the beach or go exploring in the jungle-like landscape.

In addition, if you love nature, you can take a drive past Manzanillo into the Gandoca Wildlife Reserve for a great adventure. You can follow trails around the reserve and check out the natural landscape and wildlife there. No matter what you choose to do, you can be sure that Manzanillo is a place you won't soon forget.
Punta Uva Costa Rica

Punta Uva is a small town located between Playa Chiquita beach and the town of Manzanillo. There are a few small hotels and restaurants in the area along with a small residential area. It is best known for its excellent beaches and the Punta Uva butterfly garden with a wide variety of tropical butterflies.

The beaches in this area are very safe for swimming since the coral reefs prevents the ocean waves from reaching the shore. Some of the best snorkeling occurs just off the point. The actual point is a rocky promontory that extends out over the Caribbean sea. The rock is covered with lush jungle and a trail leads to a great lookout point on the top.

The Punta Uva butterfly garden is one of the greatest attractions of the area. Here you can see a wide variety of tropical butterfly species. The garden is set back from the road on the opposite side from the beach. You access it from a dirt road that leads up into the hills. The garden itself is located within some of the nicest rainforest in the area. It is also a great place for nature hikes and a place to spot some of the local wildlife.

Because of Punta Uva's nice beaches and relaxed small town feel it is a place that is well worth your visit. There are numerous reasons why it is once of the locals favorite places to hangout and a reason why it is popular with visitors from all over the place.

Don't worry about finding accommodation in any of the three villages. With small boutique motels, Bed and Breakfasts and Costa Rica vacation rentals it want be hard to find what your heart desires.

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