Taking a family vacation is great but all parents are concerned that there will not be enough to do to keep the kids occupied. Fortunately, when you take a family holiday on COSTA DEL SOL HOLIDAYS, especially a place like Marbella, they will be spoiled for choice. Here are five ideas for things you can do to keep children entertained during your stay.

A buggy safari is a unique adventure and the perfect way to spend a few hours while keeping the kids happy. The strollers are like mini cars and, once aboard, you can simply head off to discover the hidden mountain trails and spectacular natural surroundings. Head off through the woods and dirt roads, through the countryside and across the rivers. These strollers are hard working and see the other side of Marbella you cannot see the road. You can take a half day or full day tour and, although it is safe for children, each driver must have a valid driver's license.

Fuengirola Zoo is the only zoo in the Costa del Sol so that the title of the night could well be part of your family holiday in Marbella. The hotel is located only 25 kilometres from Marbella so it is easy to reach and offers a day of fun for the whole family. Not only are there a lot of animals to watch and enjoy, but there are also workshops and games to provide more entertainment. Also there is an educational journey where children learn all about conservation, even about some of the zoo's breeding programs, especially orang-utans and lemurs. The animals were divided into zones, including South Asia and Madagascar, with each area offering a unique experience.

The Sea Life Centre in Benalmadena is well worth visiting for a family holiday in Marbella. Located next to the marina, you will find a multitude of sea creatures to look magical as they swim around their huge tanks. There are rays, starfish and other interesting creatures and you can even have the opportunity to feed the fish by hand. A highlight is the glass tunnel where you can see sharks swimming right above your head. There are also interesting features to add another level of experience, as the space where children are encouraged to match the audio clip of strange noises like the creatures who make them.

If you have small children and want to find a place to go, head to Camelot Park in Puerto Banus. Located in the mall near Marina Banus El Corte Ingles, Camelot Park includes an arcade and a playground, making it suitable for children under 12. Inflatable slides, climbing areas, a dance floor and organized activities will keep children busy for hours. There is plenty of staff on duty and parents can even leave their children to be cared for while they enjoy a break in the cafeteria.

There is no shortage of beaches on offer in COSTA DEL SOL HOLIDAYS but for a day full of excitement and pleasure, we cannot recommend anything more than that of Funny Beach, part of Cable Beach. It is an amusement park that has many activities on offer for both children and adults. With trampolines, go-karts, children's bikes, pool tables and video games it really has something for everyone. There are also plenty of water sports with sailing, pedal boats and jet skis for the more adventurous, making it the perfect place to head for a holiday in Marbella. Admission is free and you pay for each activity to be taken.

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