The Costa Blanca is an area popular for so many: the white sands drawing thousands to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea with fun for all the family on COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS. But such vacations are not all about sitting in the sun working on your latest lobster tan. The Costa Blanca is so much more: fantastic cities waiting to be explored, great castles and cathedrals and enthralling adventure sports at every corner. There is something for every member of the family even once you are tired of either the beach or the wandering. With so many historic sites to see, when the sun finally comes down and the evening draws to a close the night life commences; all along the coast bars open until the small hours and many night clubs open until dawn too.

For families one place worth spending at least two days at, just to see everything properly, is the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia. It is four buildings in one giant complex built where the old River Turia used to flow through the centre of Valencia. It was previously diverted and turned into a magnificent garden but the Valencian people were not altogether happy with just that: they had built this great complex in honour of the Arts and Sciences. Not just for pretty pictures and sculptures although there are plenty of those but also for the performing arts. Dances of every kind are performed in shows on a daily basis and as opposed to museums where it is forbidden to touch exhibits, interactivity is encouraged in this City.

A place where looking at the skies becomes a whole new experience is the L’Hemisferic with its Laserium, Planetarium and an IMAX cinema. Imagine being able to explore our planet’s seas and oceans, spending a moment here watching sharks or even whales, sea lions and walruses in their natural environment? Well in Valencia’s L’Oceanographic almost anything is possible. It is a giant aquarium with nine underwater towers representing the ecosystem under the water of our planet. It is a fantastic leisure training and research centre divided into ten zones reflecting the Mediterranean, the Arctic and Antarctic, the world’s islands, tropical seas, temperate seas and the Red Sea including over 80 different species of marine plant life. When you get hungry or need the odd souvenir there are a few shops and an underwater restaurant.

Once you have finished wandering around the museums and the marine park or finished the film at the IMAX cinema, there is always the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia: an opera house and performing arts centre. Let there be dance and song in this spectacular building dedicated to promoting the performing arts, with many different performances sometimes throughout the day.

El Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe looks like a giant whale which has been washed ashore, its skin picked clean leaving the skeleton behind. Built to encourage the learning of the sciences through experience, everything is graphically displayed with huge texts and picture displays. Try out your own experimentation which is perfect for the younger generation from 7 to 12 years.

Finally between these four large buildings is L'Umbracle: the walkway or gardens which take you from one building to the next on a relaxing stroll. Let the kids run around, relax and enjoy your day while on your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS, where there is a little of everything for everyone.

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