A Costa Blanca holiday has on offer in abundance just what every tourist is looking for in the way of sandy beaches, loads of sunshine and crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters which makes for a great place for a relaxing Costa Blanca holidays trip. When you are making your list of places to put on your Costa Blanca Holidays list the most popular destinations along the coast are Javea, Torrevieja, Benidorm and Alicante.

If you put Javea on your Costa Blanca holiday list it will give you access to some of the finest restaurants, bars and several excellent golf courses. There is also the opportunity to visit the 12th century Iglesia de San Bartolome church and the Soler Blasco museum where they have the treasure of Javea. This is a collection of historic jewellery that is on show; even though it is a copy it is still a must see on your Costa Blanca holidays trip. If you need to get your bearings the Cabo de San Martin and the Cabo de Nao offer some of the most unparalleled views over the area.

The next stop on your Costa Blanca holidays trail has got to be Torrevieja with its seafront promenade lined with bars, cafés and restaurants to its tranquil parks where you can take a quiet relaxing walk or just sit and contemplate the day’s activities. The vibrant night life here carries on into the next day with something for all ages to enjoy. The history buff has not been left out on this Costa Blanca holidays trip as there is more history here than you will have time to explore and the museums are beyond belief. This is a place where you can sample the true Spanish lifestyle by just walking around the harbour and the fish market.

As you travel along on your Costa Blanca holidays trip don't pass up Benidorm especially its party atmosphere as it has 30 discos with enough on offer to satisfy everyone. Additionally there is the traditional Spanish cuisine which includes some of the freshest and best seafood on offer anywhere as the fish probably slept in the sea the night before you had them for a meal. There are two beaches - the Playa de Poniente and the more tranquil Playa de Levant - where you can swim or relax in the sun on your Costa Blanca holidays.

These are just some of the places you can put on your Costa Blanca Holidays list so get going and start planning your next visit.

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