Initially, the field of eye surgery was not very developed but lately, scientific advancements have incorporated a variety of new techniques which are making eye surgeries a less complicated process and most importantly, the rate of successful outcomes has also increased. A noteworthy thing to know about these surgeries in India is their overall cost. Both ICL and LASIK surgery in India is comparatively less expensive than other medical hubs of the world. In India, the expertise and skills of these surgeries are constructed along standard compliance to medical practices. Also, the infrastructural facilities and use high-tech medical instruments ensure that precision is maintained and this yields into successful outcomes of these surgeries. Common advice for both of these surgeries is to explore the options available at hand and keep the professionalism top at the priority list. We will see in detail how these surgeries are performed in India in the coming sections:

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) surgery

• In India, the overall expenditure of ICL surgery can reach up to 1.5 lakhs. The variation in expenditure depends upon what type of spec power is being rectified.

• Performed in two standard procedures, every ICL surgery is an advanced version of contact lenses. In simple terms, an ICL surgery is permanent contact lenses setup. The process starts two weeks before the actual procedure, in the first phase which is medically termed as iridotomy.


In iridotomy, certain preventive measures are taken to avoid any complications of pressure build after the surgery has been completed. Iridotomy starts under the influence of anesthesia, the patient is reclined on a comfortable position and an eyelid holder is used to keep the eyes open for making small holes in the edge of the iris. Surgeons consider iridotomy as an important part of ICL surgery because this part ensures that the condition of glaucoma will not affect the patient after the surgery has taken place. The making of holes in the edge of the tris prevents the accumulation of intraocular fluid behind the implanted lenses after the ICL surgery.


After two weeks of iridotomy, surgical interventions are done for rectifying the vision of the patient in the right direction. Again, anesthesia is used to numb the part which is to be operated. With the use of eyelid holders, the eyes of the patient are kept open to make two small incisions near the cornea at its base. These incisions are used as the entry point for insertion of the lens behind the iris and in front of the natural lens so that these lenses act along with the natural lenses of the eye for a clear vision. Doctors use a gel-like substance for enduring the safety of eyes during positioning of these lenses. Once this process is complete, this gel-like substance is also eliminated.

LASIK (laser in situ keratomileuses) surgery

• LASIK surgery in India is cheaper than ICL surgery, the entire process including its too common methodologies are available under one lakh.

• On one hand, where the ICL surgery is skill-based, LASIK surgery is all about optimal use of laser and cornea flap formation. LASIK surgery has developed as a recommended eye surgery because of the merits it has to offer, No pre-surgery procedures are required in this case.

• In addition to that, it needs meet ten minutes for completing the entire procedure and no stitches or sutures have to be used for post-operative care.

• Under the influence of anesthesia, a thin flap is created out of the cornea using a femtosecond laser which is a highly-precise instrument.

• This flap lets another laser to enter the corneal tissue which is reshaped to fit in the light reaching the retina.

• Once the reshaping has been done, the corneal flap is repositioned and the surgery is complete.

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As per the best Ophthalmologist in India, the cost of LASIK SMILE surgery in India and ICL Eye Surgery in India is around 1.5 lakhs. There can be variations to some extent as per what treatment you are specifically opting for. Usually, ICL Treatment in India is expensive than LASIK eye surgery in India. Make sure that you are going with the advice of an experienced LASIK eye surgeon in India.