Left Ventricular Assist Device is an artificial implantable mechanical pump that operates on a small rechargeable battery present in special cases for patients to carry comfortably without feeling much weight. For people suffering from cardiac seizures, who can barely walk or lie down flat, LVAD is nothing less than a miracle.

Due to its vast benefits over other treatments, the LVAD cost in India lies in the range of INR 30 to 45 lakhs, excluding other additional charges for medications after successful implantation of LVAD.

How Does LVAD Work?

LVAD is a powerful device that works with the help of a pump. It functions as a left ventricle by taking out the oxygen-rich blood from the heart and moving it directly to the aorta, circulated all across the body. The pump is placed in the heart’s main chamber (left ventricle) and attached to a tube that transfers the blood directly to the aorta.

A cable, called drivelines, extends from the pump and connects it to the power sources (rechargeable battery) and controller, both worn outside the body.

Who Is A Candidate For LVAD?

LVAD is usually used as a bridge to transplant until a suitable heart donor is found. The doctor will recommend this pump only if he diagnoses your heart as weak enough to function correctly.

LVADs are for people with end-stage heart failure who are either not able to perform the necessary physical activity at all or experience immense discomfort in doing so.

Cost-Effectiveness Of LVAD In India

LVAD cost in India is between INR 40 to 50 lakhs for the surgery. An additional amount of INR 20,000 to INR 30,000 is required for follow-ups, check-ups, and medications necessary to survive and recover completely.

The cost of the treatment also varies with the medical condition of the patient. If there are furthermore complications, the cost of the medical procedure escalates. The patients are made aware of the pricing as well as the risks involved before the surgery.

In coordination with prominent hospitals like Max Healthcare, India is doing its best to lower the treatment price range with the same benefits provided compared to other countries. In the developed nations like the USA, UK, etc., the cost of treatment is much higher (up to INR 90 lakhs).

Facilities Provided At Max Healthcare

Max healthcare provides comprehensive heart failure services, including LVAD. The patients are taken care of and observed by the expert team of doctors with advanced knowledge in monitoring and managing complications.

Max healthcare provides LVAD treatment at an average cost of INR 30 to 40 lakhs whilst also looking out for innovative treatment options to reduce discomfort or post-surgery pain.


Although the LVAD cost in India seems unfriendly to the pocket, the lengthy price digits are justified by the utmost relief provided to the patient- the reason why LVAD treatment is becoming a popular choice amongst heart failure patients. It also offers other benefits like less painful breathing, more strength, and promises improved quality of life.

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