Central heating systems are easy to install and maintain. By using traditional radiators and basic pipe work it is easy to transmit heat from the main boiler throughout the rest of the home.

Central heating has been around for many years now. This has proved to be a very cost effective and efficient way to heat both domestic and commercial properties. There are many advantages to using traditional radiators:

1. Flexible Heat Distribution - traditional radiators can maintain a uniform temperature throughout the home. You can also turn individual radiators up or down. This allows you to control the heat in specific rooms as you want need to.

2. Easy Replacement – it is easy to replace individual traditional radiators if they develop problems. You will be able to just drain the system and then unplug the old radiator and plug the new one in. There will be no need to change any other parts of the heating system such as the boiler or pipe work (unless you want to).

3. Efficiency - traditional radiators can be very efficient. Cast iron radiators plumbed into a central heating system typically have a much greater output than the equivalent conventional radiator. These offer a much more cost effective way to heat larger rooms and are much cheaper than other heat sources such as electric radiators and fan heaters.

4. Easy maintenance - traditional radiators can be kept clean very easily. They will just need a quick wipe over with a damp cloth now and again to remove any build up of dust or grime. Many vacuum cleaners have attachments that can tackle any dust that has found its way between columns or in grills.

Cast Iron Radiators

One of the most popular of all the traditional radiators is the cast iron radiator. This attractive design is also very cost effective and provides a charming period feel to your property. There are three main benefits to using cast iron radiators:

Robust and Durable – cast iron traditional radiators are solidly built. If looked after properly they will last you many years.

- Long Lasting Heat – cast iron radiators have a dense mass. This means that once they have warmed up their heat output is much higher than other radiators. For this reason cast iron radiators are typically much more efficient that other options on the market. Even when the heating is turned off they continue to give off heat for a long time. Also cast iron radiators offer a powerful heat output that can warm larger spaces effectively.

- Flexible Sizes - cast iron radiators are available in many different sizes. They can be customized to fit awkward spaces. You will be able to determine the level of heating provided quite accurately by choosing different sizes.

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Traditional radiators can provide homeowners with an efficient and cost effective heating system. These radiators are widely available and easy to install and maintain.