If you live in a place that experiences chilling temperatures most of the year, having a warm, cozy home is a necessity to live comfortably. There are various types of heating systems available in the market, but most of them consume a lot of electricity; as a result they burn an additional hole in your credit card because of the high utility bills. However, by choosing the option of under floor heating and mirror demisters, you can have a comfortable home, affordably and practically.

Benefits of Demister Pads

Mirror demister pads are neat devices to install in you bathroom. Basically, a demister pad warms up your bathroom mirror to get rid of condensation, which is formed as a result of a hot shower. Wiping mirrors the traditional way of using hand or cloth does not give a squeaky-clean finish. When you see yourself in the mirror, the water stains are more noticeable than your own reflection!

Besides immaculate mirrors, the heat created by a demister pad also prevents the development of mold. The humid environment of a steamy bathroom is ideal for the growth of mildew and mold. These leave stains when scrubbed, making your bathroom look ugly. Moreover, some people are allergic to mold and mildew. By installing demister pads, this problem is eliminated.

Demisters are extremely low-cost to use. On average, a demister consumes about 4-5 cents a week, based on usage of one hour a day.

Benefits of Water Underfloor Heating

The system of water underfloor heating requires the installation of heaters and boilers with complex structure. Pipes are buried just under the surface of the floor. Hot water from the boiler is passed through these pipes, warming the floor surface. Further insulation using foam or cork is added to obstruct heat loss.

If your location has access to plenty of water, this option of floor heating is perfect. This is a highly cost-effective method of warming your home because you can rely on solar panels for energy to heat the water. The use of electricity is significantly reduced, along with the cost of utility bills. Additionally, the wet heating system is very safe and involves no risks.

The installation charges for the water underfloor heating system can be somewhat pricey due to the complexities involved, but the benefits gained from it exceed the cost.

Green Heating Approach

Besides the advantage of cost-effectiveness, the wet heating system is also Eco-friendly. It eliminates the use of electricity and other expensive energy resources. Conversely, it enhances conservation of electric energy. There are no harmful effects posed by the wet floor heating, since it relies fully on solar power. Modern solar panels conserve solar energy, enabling the heating system to continue even after dark. You can have an evenly warmed home any time of the day.

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