Recently I walked into my chiropractor's office and asked how he was doing. "Lots of challenges," he laughed, "so lots of growth and progress." I loved his positive perspective: It's all progress, no matter what!

Perspective often disappears into the mental fragmentation described by Edgar Cayce as "broken points of consciousness." The brain, speeding up to the riot of modern life, deals with this stress by multi-tasking, but soon blurs with fatigue and confusion. The peaceful, easy rhythms of the brain – synched by resonance to the natural world – are forgotten for the moment and occasionally for a lifetime.

Perhaps you've felt your thoughts bouncing around inside your head, colliding with one another so that you can't slow them down, can't think straight, and don't see which way to turn? This mental state, the result of stress, anxiety and panic (usually induced by anger, resentment, frustration and fear), is a far cry from the higher perspectives of my chiropractor.

Of course, it's easy to be calm, clear, relaxed and insightful while engaged in energy healing, meditation, creative endeavor, spiritual study, communion with nature, and moving meditations like t'ai chi or chi kung. Brainwave frequencies – the speed of electrical activity in the brain/mind – obligingly slow and deepen into the peaceful centeredness of the meditative mind, which is open and flowing with self-awareness, enjoys creative challenges, and devotes itself to living a life of clarity, joy, meaning and purpose.

Resting inside itself, the meditative mind awakens to an awareness of its deep intuition, which is always present yet not always heard. In the silence, intuitive awareness guides us out of destructive patterns and behaviors, so that we are able to transcend our lower nature and the duality within our own being. Free to explore and create, we let go of what does not serve us and cultivate what does.

With the mind open to itself, we realize our perfection. Fear of the unknown dissipates and loses its grip on us. We come fully awake and devote ourselves to service and the higher awareness enjoyed by enlightened people.

This is how cosmic consciousness evolves of its own accord. Sometimes we awaken spontaneously, but in most of us the brain/mind expands as we do what we came here to do: the work of growth, healing, change and progress.
The Evolution of Consciousness
Recent discoveries in brain science confirm meditation and inner transformation as the evolutionary pathways of the brain/mind into cosmic consciousness. Studies show that focused awareness and sustained attention, the basis of sitting and moving meditation, are responsible for this multi-dimensional expansion.

The "body electric" and the cosmos – which, after all, are inseparable – are so brilliantly constructed that psychology, physiology and the psychic (mind, body and spirit) operate as one and the same.

To begin with, studies show that the old "scripts" that define (and limit) us are laid down between one and eight years of age in our theta brainwave frequencies, where we operate at those ages. So when we deepen into the alpha-theta frequencies of meditation, we gain access to what needs healing and the still-deeper intuitive wisdom that shows us how to do the healing and assists us in it!

Remarkably, focused concentration on inner healing unplugs the neural circuitry of old, unwanted patterns of behavior (literally, electrical circuits in our theta brainwaves) and in clearing these blocks frees energy for the creation of neurons (nerve cells) in the emotional amygdala and the hippocampus, the residence of our memory, creativity, insight, intuition and spirituality.

So while we are letting go of old issues, we are building new circuitry and brainpower – exactly where we need it most!

While we rest in the focused awareness and sustained attention of meditation to do the work of inner transformation, the brain – not unlike a computer "hard drive" – relaxes enough to "defrag" and revitalize the whole system.

* First, the brain's left and right hemispheres move into balance. The balanced brain, free of static interference, more closely coordinates with its central nervous system to restore and heal the body.

* Once the body's nervous system is in balance, the kundalini life force is better able to uncoil and rise from its seat at the base of the spine up through the large resonating cavity of the heart into the smaller cavity of the skull. Here, compression of the energy raises it into megahertz frequencies that produce gamma brainwaves; these vibrate the parietal lobes of the brain at the crown chakra (spiritual center) into spiritual ecstasy, spontaneous awakening and the brainwave biofeedback pattern of the evolved mind.

* Now humming with energy, the brain surges electricity into its frontal lobe (or prefrontal cortex), the seat of reason and higher synthesis, creating neurons that actually thicken the cortex to increase our capacity for intelligence. Positive affirmations – or, as Edgar Cayce called them, "ideals" – stated before meditation imprint this "new mind" as it is being formed. We are wise to consult the heart and soul in fashioning our ideals.

* Rather than merely intellectual intelligence, frontal lobe expansion is intuitional. The nerve cells and electrical circuitry accommodate high-frequency gamma brainwaves associated with psychic and mystical states ranging from out-of-body travel and super-psychic intelligence to the omniscience of cosmic consciousness.

* Not surprisingly, we experience this neurogenesis as light. Long-term practitioners of meditation and supersensitive people may see a pulsing indigo light, multicolored lights, or even glyphs in the "third eye" chakra between the eyebrows, where the frontal lobes are located. The rising kundalini life force is audible in rising and expanding frequencies of sound – the Sufi "music of life" – and can be felt as energy running up and down the spine. If it concentrates in the third eye, said Cayce, this indicates one's ability to be a hands-on healer.

* In deep meditations on love and light, the electrical current in the brain runs to the left prefrontal cortex, where we process positive emotions like happiness, compassion and joy. This processing pattern, conditioned by meditation, builds positive neural circuitry through the bodymind, so that we default less often to negative emotional processing in the right prefrontal cortex. We actually become happier people.

* Consciously listening to our spirit for insights that unplug old circuits and build new ones integrates our instinct, intellect and intuition into the harmony, health and oneness of the new human who will build the new earth, through the quiet of meditation which shows us the way.

It's no wonder that meditation makes mystics of us, and mystics gravitate to meditation. Pathcutters devoted to developing five latent chakras are arousing awareness into a constant communion with God, in the sense that God is the cosmos and the energy of the cosmos is God.

Some 75 years ago, Edgar Cayce predicted the development of a fifth "root race" with 12 chakras and a superintuitive connection to God. Both are developing through our steady expansion of the brain/mind, which in a very timely way is preparing us for the future.

In the midst of chaos, planetary awakening is occurring. The meditative mind engaged in inner transformation is developing the cosmic mind that will see us through the global changes now underway. Today, more people are reaching for cosmic consciousness than ever before. And it's available to everyone.
The New Human, A New Soul
Twentieth century poet and essayist G. K. Chesterton wrote, "The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul." But how do we get a "new soul"?

French President Charles DeGaulle answered this in saying, "We may go to the moon, but that's not very far. The greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us."

It is always wise to measure our progress, if not through brainwave biofeedback, then by noticing what we project out into the world. If you catch yourself blaming or judging someone else, that's evidence of a pattern of self-blame or self-judgment lodged in your subconscious or unconscious mind.

To let go of what does not serve you, find a quiet place where you can be alone, close your eyes, withdraw your awareness from the outside world, and deepen into yourself.

Go down and in, down and in. Pouring white light from your crown into the thoughts in your head, draw your illuminated thoughts into the center of your heart until you feel quiet, calm and present to yourself. When your awareness is sustained, rest in that restorative peace for awhile.

If you have difficulty maintaining focus, slow your breathing, relax the back of your tongue, and draw more light from your crown and third eye into your heart. Or bring to mind an experience of joy and relive that experience. At some point, you may wish to shift your attention to the area between your eyebrows or your forehead. If you do so, be sure to keep your closed eyes soft and relaxed.

When you are ready, allow a question, issue or challenge to surface in your mind and just sit with it. You need not think about it. Just wait patiently. The solution will become apparent to you, along with an inner certainty of higher awareness that will convince you of its truth.

You could end your meditation at this point, or go the distance into the bliss of spiritual light. Sinking into quiet waters that warm the heart and soul, soothe the mind and heal the body takes us into the very presence of love, the energy that composes us and everything else. Opening to Universal Awareness with awe, gratitude and joy lights up and heals the heart – "spiritualizing" us, as Edgar Cayce put it. It's a real energy that carries us into Oneness. In return, sending love out into the world evolves our brainwaves and life more than anything else.

Sending out Light, without direction or differentiation, with the understanding that Light knows how to alleviate the suffering of all beings is what generates gamma brainwaves. I have seen this in brainwave biofeedback sessions with others and felt and mapped it in myself. Deva Premal's musical partner, Mitten, describes this blissful sensation in these lyrics: "Just an empty heart, full of light/Resting in emptiness."

We fill with Light to become more as-Light. Surrendering to the Oneness and merging with that Oneness transforms the brain, consciousness, body and soul into the change we want to see in the world – the new human in the new earth that we are all so eagerly awaiting.

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Judith Pennington, an internationally published journalist, author, meditation teacher and consciousness trainer, awakens people to their inner wisdom and peace through EEG biofeedback meditation, transpersonal hypnosis, and her life-enhancing books, CDs, downloadable meditations, and free online publications.

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