Every kid in his childhood has some dreams and often the elders become his role model. For Cory Machado the Portuguese American Pro Wrestler it is the pro wrestling game that became his love. Since he was 5 he used to watch pro wrestling with his grandfather. For Cory, the pro wrestling comes firsts even before baseball and football. He developed a strong bond with his grandfather laughing, smiling, and having a great time watching pro wrestling. Cory has done well in pro wrestling and has made a name for himself. His love for the game has helped him garner enough success to inspire people to chase their dreams and never give up.

Cory Machado used the popularity of soccer and created soccer gimmick and soon become quite popular. Cory always looks at things differently than others and convert chances into opportunity. After the soccer gimmick, Cory moved on to do many stints which become quite popular. Cory always tries to create awareness among people, for instance, he has done many Facebook ads and ran campaigns to fix the roads when a teen named Ashley Carlson died on the bad road. Cory Machado aims to provide young and teens a hope to never back down. Whatever Cory has achieved in his life he takes a lesson from that. You can often hear him say "I failed more than anybody, I never give up, Life is short". He thinks if you work hard nobody can stop you from achieving your dream.

What Cory has achieved from pro wrestling has made him to return back to the underprivileged and the needy. From the game, Cory has managed to beat hunger and today his goal is to feed 7 billion people. For Cory hunger is the biggest issue not only the poor countries are dealing with but even the developed countries like the USA has thousands of people sleeping hungry every night. Cory believes that nobody should be left hungry and he is in the process to deal with the issue.

Cory Machado now aims at making the World a hunger-free place. Cory has so far provided 20,000+ meals to the needy and the hungry. He works with charities, food banks, and volunteers to fight hunger. He says that with all the resources we have in the World it is devastating why millions of people sleep hungry every day. During these tough times when the world is suffering from Coronavirus and people are losing their jobs, Cory is leaving no stone unturned to reach out to maximum people and offer help. In this pandemic times when people are jobless, running out of money, Cory is doing a great job of feeding the hungry.

This is what a champion inside you forces you to do. Cory enjoys pro wrestling and sports entertainment and wants to honor his grandfather's memory and make the world free from hunger. The world certainly needs people like Cory Machado who not only shapes their life but help people in crisis. Whatever Cory is doing in this pandemic is commendable.

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