Correlation between Erectile Dysfunction and Smoking in Men

We find many reasons, for example, psychological and physical elements, which could cause erectile dysfunction in people. One of the reasons is smoking. Smoking can destroy arteries and blood vessels not to open enough to allow blood flow freely. The WHO continually warns the smokers to die due to many health dangers they exposing themselves. Among many such diseases, for example, stroke, cardiovascular illnesses, heart disease, and lung disease.

Do not think that Viagra might be of good help. The scientists have discovered in their recent research that, for more potent, a rigid and faster erection in males, the smoker should stop smoking.

This article highlights the correlation between erectile dysfunction and smoking in men for many reasons why you want to stop smoking. The reason is that smoking can obstruct normal blood flow and damage blood vessels that can cause erectile disorder.

Causes and Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

You will find many causes and signs of erectile disorder in men. It is very important to find a remarkable need to search for clinical help for any of the signs such as we have elaborated here, most specifically if it has been re-happening.

This will give the way to the doctors to examine the basic cause and how you should deal with it. Recent results have proven that there may be a solid correlation between erectile dysfunction and smoking and men who absolutely give up smoking could have more rigid, stronger erections comparing to the people who do now not give up and stopped smoking.

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

We have found some main signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. You can find some as under:
• Inability to maintain an erection while having intercourse
• Difficulty in having a rigid erection
• Dropped hobby in intercourse

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As we have already mentioned above, there are many numerous reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction. Listed under are the important causes of erectile dysfunction:

• Cardiovascular sickness
• Smoking
• Overweight
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Stress
And many more

How is Erection Possible?

The possibility of erection takes place when blood flow increases w to the penis that is continually stirred through physical touch or sexual imaginations with the penis. When stimulated, the penis turns into relaxation mode and make the way for increases blood flow through the penile arteries into the two chambers known as the corpora cavernosa in the penis.

Once the chambers filled up, the penis becomes rigid and works with a full erection. When the muscle contract and the collected blood flow out through the penile veins, the male feels full erection in functions.
In the other way, erectile dysfunction takes place while above mentioned any level of the method disturbs and finds an issue.

However, there are many chemical substances found in cigarettes, which can destroy the blood vessels in male’s penis, and in this way, they lose the erection and rigidity. These chemicals found in smoking are not only dangerous for erection or rigidity of the penis but also dangerous for, lung, brand, kidney, heart and many tissues in our body.

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