Everyone now recognizes ‘sustainability’ and ‘going green’ as this millennium's newest buzzwords. As climate change and the energy crises continue to pose an ever-growing threat to the way we interact with this planet, companies are changing the way they do business. Whether or not you believe in global climate change, your company stands to benefit from this popular trend and there is no better time to start your company's shift towards sustainability than in the month of April (Earth Month).

The first step that must be taken towards sustainability must be getting the support of your entire company. Everyone from the C.E.O. to the lowest level intern must be on board in order to effectively influence change. A variety of actions may need to occur in order to convince different level people within your company.

In order to convince upper level management type positions within your company you may need to appeal to their desire for efficiency, in particular cost efficiency. You may be met with some initial resistance, as going green is bound to have a few inherent start-up costs, however, going green will save your company money in the long term.

Sustainable practices will ultimately help to reduce your utility bills and overall expenses. An easier way to help upper level individuals come on board with going green is to start with simple, cost-free practices. Once you’ve successfully implemented lower level programs and shown how they save the company money, then move towards tackling bigger projects such as purchasing energy efficient appliances. Utilizing document sharing programs such as Google docs will have a quick impact on your companies paper costs and will be virtually free to implement. Other no hassle programs may include switching to energy efficient light bulbs and setting computers up to sleep when not in use. Your company may also try and increase product life-span in order to reduce costs which will in turn reduce waste.

You may also appeal to employees’ desire to generate business and good press. Many buyers are attracted to sustainable products and companies. You can use your company’s sustainability as a way to promote your business. Of course in order to fully implement these sustainable practices your company will require lower level support and compliance.

A good way to gain lower level support is to make people feel included in the process itself. Many companies have developed volunteer-based sustainability boards to monitor the companies progress and discuss new ideas. This gives all employees a chance to get involved, make a change and develop new social connections which they may not have otherwise made. Steps can also be taken to help educate employees about the importance of reducing your company’s environmental footprint and expenses. Another course of action may be to hold a company-wide volunteer day, in which employees take part in a community clean-up. Such days provide employees with a break from the everyday hussle and bussle of office life, generate positive community relations, and of course benefit the environment.

Going green doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive undertaking, and can save your company a lot of money.

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