Many new parents may not be aware of stem cell services for their baby. Special blood and tissue lies within the human umbilical cord, and once it is severed at birth, it can be used for important stem cell procedures. This service is available to parents and can be an invaluable medical tool for doctors in the future. Thanks to Cord Blood Registry coupon codes, you can save money on the services.

The Role of Stem Cells

The stem cells in a newborn baby's umbilical cord are vital for a lot of different kinds of medical procedures. It these cells are saved, they can be used at some point in the future. Medical condition like childhood diabetes and brain injuries may be helped with this type of therapy. There may be many more uses for stem cells in the coming years, as the technology is relatively new. However, stem cells must be taken as soon as possible after birth, otherwise they will not be of any use.

The Value of Stem Cells

Stem cells are not ordinary cells within the body. These cells do not contain the same genetic material as most cells, and they are referred to as blank cells. Blank cells provide building blocks for human tissue, and they can be used from some kinds of bone marrow. However, the process is very painful for everyone involved. When this tissue is taken from a newborn child, there is no harm and no pain to the baby. Family members may also benefit from stem cell tissue, as it may closely match relatives of the infant.

Keeping Stem Cells Alive

When your baby is first born, is the only time that stem cell collection is possible. Once the cells are taken, the hospital ships them to the laboratory to be stored. Once in the lab, the cells are placed in liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen deep freezes cells and places them in suspended animation. They will not age or break down for a very long time, this way.

The Cord Blood Registry keeps your baby's cells in cold storage until they are needed. There is a fee for monthly storage, and for collecting the cells and shipping them to the lab. Coupon codes are an important way to save money on this service.

Special Codes

Special offer codes are available at several online locations. Some codes offer a substantial discount on services. If you visit the Cord Blood Registry website, you will find a section for requesting discount codes. Once you request a code, it is sent to your email address.

This service can be paid for by friends and family. It is also an excellent new child gift for grandparents to give parents. The cells that are stored are an exact match for your baby, and they also may be a close tissue match for relatives.


Cord Blood Registry coupon codes and offers can save a lot of money on this invaluable service. Special stem cells are collected from umbilical cord blood, when your baby is born. This is the only time it can be collected, and these cells can be used for many medical conditions. After the cells are collected, they are shipped to a laboratory and stored in liquid nitrogen. When a future need arises, they are thawed and used.

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