The marketing world moves very quickly, and keeping up with all the changes isn’t always easy. To maintain relevance with audiences, it is important to keep up with current trends. Good copywriting is the backbone of a marketer’s success as it grabs the attention of prospects, retains it, and guides them to take action. 

Marrying the human element in copywriting with big data and technology

Storytelling is an essential part of copywriting and photos, graphs, videos and infographics can all help to elevate it. There’s a more human element to copywriting today, with empathy and emotions playing an important role. Together with a more human element to copywriting, recent technological advances mean it can gain wider reach and have more impact. 

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Highlighting social responsibility 

Transparency, ethics and social responsibility matter to modern consumers. They are interested in buying from brands that take social responsibility. As the pandemic took its toll, it exacerbated this trend and consumers showed their support for brands that demonstrated their caring for their employees and their customers. 

Copywriting is pivoting to focus more on causes or missions the company supports and on more inclusive offerings and initiatives. The aptitude of consumers to read between the lines has become more astute. They only want to work with companies that care. This means copywriting is becoming more informative and there’s a free sharing of knowledge. 

Ensuring consistency between in-company and client-facing copywriting

People buy from people so businesses are investing more in internal corporate communication strategies. They are using tools like training documents, brand voice guidelines etc., to make sure new employees are aware of the core values of the company. Copywriters need to ensure that there’s consistency between in-company copywriting and client-facing copywriting. 

Permanent or ephemeral social media content: which performs best?

Permanent social media content, such as videos, live events, and posts that show up on a platform feed and can be seen again days later, generate the most ROI compared to other marketing strategies. A mix of both types of content is often best, however, as it gives brands the instant engagement that comes with temporary content and the steady engagement that creates long-term brand awareness.

Quick, in-the-moment content can showcase the more lighthearted side of a brand. Ultimately, brands need to consider which type of content is best for their brand and campaigns. 

Evolving SEO strategies

SEO strategies are certainly not new but they are evolving as the search engine algorithms evolve. They are now able to identify and demote many of the websites that used ‘black hat’ tactics used in the past to promote websites in the search engine results. 

Discoverability of websites and content is essential for short and long-term traffic returns. Copywriters need to pay more attention than ever to using keywords effectively and in context. Keyword stuffing is an antiquated concept and using intuitive keywords is more important than ever. Copywriters need to empathize with an audience to be truly successful. 

Writing customer-centric copy

Copywriting has to be customer-centric to be successful today. Consumers are more likely to make informed decisions and copywriting must reflect benefits in a way that makes their decisions easier. It is all about showing prospective customers why they want in rather than focusing on a fear of missing out. Good copywriting must cultivate a desire to ‘opt-in’ that’s very hard to resist. 

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