Special touches define a home—architectural accents distinguish a property from surrounding neighbors. Finials, gutters, cupolas, skylights, and chimney caps bring distinctive style to exterior designs, and the little details always separate real style from pretentious designs that overwhelm with ostentation. Few exterior upgrades match the classic beauty of copper roof caps, which finish the look of a home with stunning flair and custom fashion, but remain unobtrusive enough to showcase a sense of restrained good taste.

Roof adornment has a solid architectural history, and various caps, cornerstones, and capstones have come to define entire cultures—Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns and minarets come to mind. Roof caps come in a great variety of styles, materials, colors, and designs, but classic copper adds luxury, durability, and superior appearance. Galvanized copper resists common problems like mildew, rust, and dirt buildup, guaranteeing that the adornment remains long after cheaper materials require repairs or replacements. Copper roof accents add incredible visual appeal that improves with age because copper gains a rich, antique patina over time.

Homeowners can choose from among predesigned caps with unique details in square, round, triangular, conical, or hexagonal shapes. These caps adorn residential and commercial property with equal panache, and manufacturers can create custom fabrications in copper because the material is exceptionally malleable. Of course, great artistic detail might be wasted, since people observe roof art from a distance. Size, shape, color, and shine best distinguish roof finials, and copper suits exterior designs to perfection. Within a few months, the material will tarnish to a lovely shade of satin brown. The chalky green that distinguishes the Statue of Liberty actually takes 50 years or more to develop.

Roof caps serve a genuine function in addition to decorative duty. The caps top the highest point of the roof and begin the process of channeling water in the direction roofing engineers dictate to protect the home from leaks. Flashing and gutters continue the process, and a well-designed roof will reduce maintenance costs and eliminate expensive repairs.

Homeowners can achieve a polished look by coordinating several roof features in classic copper earth tones. Chimney caps, flashings, cornices, and cupolas look great when savvy decorators choose the benefits of copper. Copper's superior weather and mold resistance make the material a better choice for long-term value. Copper roof caps, gutters, and other features will provide many years of service and distinctive décor that will inspire envy in neighbors.

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