Coping with divorce for men can be confusing and frustrating. The reason is simple – support and help isn’t easy to find when it comes to men dealing with divorce. Living in the aftermath of divorce will feel like being in a slippery slope where no matter how hard you try to claw and struggle; you will always keep sliding down. This difficult situation has led many down the path of destruction and many others into an ever circling situation of desperation, hatred and pain. But as hopeless as the case may appear, many have also been able to pull through the post divorce nightmare intact allowing them to lead happy and fulfilled lives. But how will you be able to do it? Here are three rules that may help:

Learn to let go of the past:

Your past, no matter how enjoyable, memorable or painful it may have been is no more. So while it might prove difficult, you must learn to let go of it. The longer you hold on to the memories that you have, the further you will find yourself from the path of recovery, so let it go and move on. Release all hold of the history that you have made and forge a new future by living each day to the fullest; only with by achieving this will you be able to start your journey to recovery.

Review your goals:

No doubt a lot of your goals will also change because of the divorce. Now you no longer are aiming to improve your lives as once again you are living as a single individual. This will cause for a revamp in your goals which means that you also need to let go of those that you had before as they will no longer apply. By setting a goal, you will be able to keep yourself busy and get positive things done at the same time.

Learn to Forgive:

Learning to forgive will probably be the most challenging rule that you will encounter. But note that unless you are able to achieve this, you will keep finding yourself going back to the same problems that you have dealt with before. Learning to forgive does not mean that you agree or condone what has happened as well. It just means that you’re able to accept what has happened and the emotional burdens that it carries no longer affects you regardless of whether you understood the reasons or not. Life without bitterness and hatred is the only way to achieve true happiness.

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