Coping with depression

Hello Beloved Ones I am Mother Mary,
I come forward at this time to help you overcome much of the burden and the pain that you who are depressed suffer with. In truth even if you are not diagnosed with depression you are still suffering with it, as in this day and age when you have so much energy and memory suppressed within you getting away or above this would require the prowess of a spiritual master. Given that you are not a spiritual master I have to assume that you do suffer with a form of depression a sense of meaninglessness and lethargy even if it is only on certain days. This is the advantage of the spiritual domain, the spiritual domain can help you to overcome the drama and curse of these states of awareness, and if more people knew this then perhaps spiritual growth would have a much better name.
The way in which you are going to be able to move beyond depression is to get much more familiar with what lies within you – currently it may be what is within you which appears to be creating the difficulty and you want to avoid this at all costs, but this avoidance this resistance is only making things worse. You must simply allow what is within you to rise up and be felt by you, you do not have to become a psychologist, you do not have to analyse every little thing that comes up, just sit, be still, be quiet and what needs to surface will surface, all you need do is let it go. If you are angry let yourself be angry, if you are sad, cry, if you are lonely just be lonely, just let whatever wants to come up from within you to come.
All too often you as a species take things personally, all too often you as a species lean towards the vain and the superficial, you think if you admit something like being depressed or lonely, angry or out of sorts that this makes you a bad person, unsaintly, unlikely to go to heaven, and so you supress and suppress and repress. All the time you then have to find greater and greater methods of holding the lid down on this overflowing rubbish pile, and distract yourself at the same time also as you do not wish to admit it to yourself that you are deceiving others and yourself, you want to pretend that everything is ok. If you pretend that all is ok then this sensation will pass, and you are right it does, it passes down into the depths of who you are only to resurface at a most inconvenient time. Small instances then become larger than life atrocities and you are forced into a perception abut life which is in truth not your own.
Do you really want to continue to live this way for the remainder of your days?
Just allow yourself to feel what is rising within, you do not have to be happy for your spouse and children all the time, this is an unrealistic view of life, and will leave your children with fewer coping mechanisms as they age and suffer. Let yourself discuss and talk about your feelings, and even if you cannot do this, at the very least just allow them to be there, without fighting, resisting or rejecting them all the time for a step ford wife type mentality. You are bigger than this, and you deserve much more so too does your husband and children.
Please begin the ‘Opening your Heart centre’ 6 week course available for free at my newly created site it will help you to express and extricate these suppressed memories from within your being. Trust me – I fool you not – Mary.

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Maya’s Bio
Maya has spent the last 14 years studying with an anonymous enlightened teacher who wishes to remain that way, while also investigating and working with a number of other models, teachers, books and theories. The two main theories which have impressed her the most significantly are Osho and Sri Aurobindo. These two philosophies appear to be polar opposites, but have reached a meeting place within Maya, she is extremely grateful for these experiences which have been great blessings on her spiritual path.
Maya has also spent the last 14 years channeling Ascended Masters. She conducted a meditation group in Melbourne in 1997-1999, with occasional workshops during this time and afterwards in different locations. Within this time, Maya gave private channeling sessions, energetic tune ins where she read clients energetic field, what memories, repressed emotions that were held within, and conducted infrequent energetic healings.
Maya then relocated and focused more on her channelled writings. She has channelled much written work since her relocation, and is currently working on a manuscript that she hopes to publish. Within the past 14 years she has worked intensely with her teacher, learning how to open up to energies, practicing specific meditations given by the Ascended Masters to achieve this. As well as with her teacher’s guidance looking at her own repressed memories and emotions, beliefs and fears.
It is a result of this intense inner focus and work that now Maya comes forward with new written information – in the form of a website titled where she hopes to encourage other spiritual seekers to continue to go within so that they too can see the limitation of the mind, and seek to move beyond it.