Coping with depression is not such an easy thing to do. It is especially difficult if you are living with or spending a lot of time with someone who does not acknowledge that such a thing exists. It is a real illness and it can cause a devastating effect on those it grabs hold of and those around them. But when people close to the victims of it do not understand it this makes it even tougher for those with this illness.

I have spoken to people who do not even bother to read one article about the subject yet claim they know - for a fact - that there is no such thing. They have never had it, they have never studied it, not even superficially, so as far as they are concerned anyone who claims to have is is a malingerer, a liar or a very needy person who is looking for attention.

There are different types of depression and it is possible with some people who have it to simply prescribe a good anti depressant, give it time, usually about two months, and then see that they hopefully get better. The right drug treatment at this time can make all the difference to them and they can then find the strength to perhaps make any changes or tackle any decisions that need to be sorted so that they can actually become more positive about their lives.

But there is also reactive depression which can be caused by the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, stress at work and other such mind boggling and emotionally tiring situations. In such a case anti depressants will probably not work because the person either has to come to terms with what has happened or find a way to look at it differently if they cannot just wait for time to ease things. When they need to make changes in their life then it may be that until they have made decisions and carried them out they will not feel better but they need support to give them to strength to do it. Some find that going to see a counsellor or therapist simply to unload and be able to talk in total privacy and confidence is all they need others need therapy that lasts longer and maybe a prescription drug too.

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