A lot of husbands and wives who have been victimized by infidelity have a great deal of emotions and issues to work through. From the rage which at certain points threatens to the disappointment of realizing what you mate did and facing the harsh reality that the marriage will never be the same. That's an ugly concept but sorry to say it is one which will haunt you for a very long time.

Deciding to stay wedded to this individual isn't going to come easy. But there is something else that will have to be addressed and that is the sense of vulnerability which consumes many mates that have been cheated on.

First their own self-worth takes a severe hit. You begin to question yourself about anything and everything. What did you do that caused your mate to cheat, what does the other person have that you don't have, are you going to lose your spouse for good and other disturbing questions.

However it does not end there. Those feelings of helplessness find their way into other areas of your life. Before long the decisions which previously you wouldn't have given a second thought too grow to be significant obstacles. That's the power of an extramarital relationship.

Yet it does not have to be this way. In order to come through an extramarital affair and also come out of it with your self-worth as well as decision making skills fully intact remember a few things:

1. Their Behavior Their Accountability

Do not allow your mate's misconduct to impair your attitude as well as feelings about yourself. They cheated on you because of a a personal flaw inside of them not you. It is just like an alcoholic stating the reason for their drinking is largely due to what someone else is or is not doing. Instead of attempting to communicate the alcoholic escapes to their own little world and makes sure to lock the door behind them. When they emerge and face the rest of the world they are only too happy to put the blame everywhere except where it actually belongs. This applies to a two timing spouse as well. Their own unfaithfulness should never be your failing.

2. Assistance

It is not necessary to do it on your own when finding out the right ways to overcome your spouse cheating. There are lots of options at the ready. Support therapy groups composed of people who have or perhaps are going through exactly what you are. Search them out. This may in addition be a really good time to bring your loved ones a whole lot closer to you as a way to weather this crisis.

3. Assure Yourself

Please do not just sit by as the negative thoughts (and there are going to be plenty) attack you. Start fighting back with encouraging affirmations. Keep it simple yet be consistent. Also bear in mind becoming and staying productive will go a long way in assisting you to get and remain strong as well. Have comfort in the fact you are so much tougher than you realize so by all means begin giving you the credit you deserve.

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