It is difficult in coping with break up. However, when you cope with break up, it is very important to think that you really can move on despite the hurt and you can really let go of that love. Even if time will only tell that you are healed, patiently wait as time will also heal all the negative feelings inside your heart.

"He's the only one and i will wait for him until he loves me back.. AGAIN"

I want to forget him but i truly love him".

“He's always on my mind and heart everyday.”

Maybe these phrases are so familiar to, you may have used one of these when your heart was broken.It is really hard coping with break up now that it has synced in to you that the relationship ends. You may have been there not only once but twice and the pain from your first up to the present is all but the same. When you get separated with the one you love, the pain is just so intense that you can't help but cry.The pain and all the hurts that pull you down seem so unending. So here are the following advices that can help you cope with break up:

I. Express your anger
II. Love your friends more..
III. Avoiding everything about him
IV. Have some time for yourself
V. Accepting change

I. Being angry after the break up is just but normal, so release that anger slowly; go and shout, cry, punch your pillow to the hardest, etc. As what i said, it's normal to be angry, but being angry while hurting anyone or yourself is not at all advised. Hurting yourself to bring him back to you is an irrational way of thinking because it won't happen; you are hurting yourself physically plus you got hurt from the idea that he never came.It is good that you acknowledge your negative emotions, so do divertional activities to forget those emotions and be as productive as ever. You can go for a vacation, meet with friends, learn cooking and baking, try sports, or any activity that can redirect your attention to all the hurts from break up.

II. Getting by with a little help from friends can be so relieving. Try going out with your friends and have a great time. Having great time with your friends and having that good laugh with them is so incomparable that you may not experience when you were with your boyfriend before.

III. You can easily cope up with things that hurt when you do not see or remember your ex. Being friends with your ex after the break may be difficult to establish, so you have to give yourself time to deal some things before deciding for that friendship. Keeping pictures and gifts of your ex, especially both of you, all around the house will not help you as it will only remind you of your good times together. Avoid all means of communication to allow smooth flow of coping up.

IV. As you do the process of coping up, spending some time for yourself is very possible.Sometimes, when you were in a relationship, thinking of self is often neglected and your focus is on the relationship and to your ex.Going on a shopping with new clothes, having your hair done, treating yourself with a body spa and all other things that you can possibly do to make you feel better.But the most important thing to do is to keep moving forward despite all the painful experienced that the break up caused you.

V. Acceptance is the foundation of coping as coping would never be possible without any acceptance at all.So the best way to do acceptance is to face the reality and accept that your relationship is over.

Indeed, there are ways in coping with break up, but it takes time before you can totally say you moved on.It is good to be honest with yourself especially with how you feel. Do not live with lies like you are telling to yourself you have moved on where in fact you haven't.Try also not to dwell on who is to blame over the mistakes. When you think really about the relationship, you may be able to get something from it that can be of help in your new relationship.If you just can see the real essence of the break up, it would be of help for you to make wiser choices next time.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.