When we cope with hope, we have more energy to face each day…

Difficulty and challenge lurk in every nook and cranny. While the majority of us know it is not the circumstances, rather our reaction to them which is most important, it isn’t so easy to always keep faith. When hope slips away, it’s difficult to keep motivated and inspired.

How then can we maintain hope when we are in the depths of despair?

While we are all different and we each have a different way, there are various methods to increase our hope when we need it most.

Perhaps one of the ways which is most utilized and most powerful is through our faith in God or through our religion. While this isn’t a surefire recipe and it doesn’t work for everyone, for those who believe firmly in God and their religion, there is a peace and tranquility which permits them to face even the most challenging of circumstance in life. They say, “Faith moves mountains,” and while it isn’t easy to see them move, they do indeed move!

Another way to augment our hope is to think about the “perfection” of the “imperfect” world in which we all live. The only thing we have to do is to open our eyes to see the magnificence which develops with each new day; the sun which without fail provides its light and energy, the Earth which continues to turn every 24 hours despite everything that happens on its surface and the life which sprouts from everywhere to provide oxygen to breathe and beauty to behold.

Hope is perhaps our most powerful weapon to face adversity. Think for a moment of those who lose hope. In the best case scenario, they live lives which are empty and routine, lacking direction and purpose. In the worst case scenario, and in an act which embodies a complete lack of hope, they take their own lives and perhaps end up at the end of a rope.

We begin life fighting for our first breath of air to begin our journey. Each time we get sick our body immediately begins to fight the maladies and the virus’ which exist in the world. When our body cannot respond effectively, the majority of us have parents, family, friends, doctors and others who do everything possible to help us recover from that which puts our life in jeopardy.

We come from the factory with a sensational system which allows us to fight the majority of the bad things which can affect us from time to time. Being this the case, shouldn’t we have faith and hope in the possibilities of life? While the answer seems obvious, we all have a potential enemy in our own brain. Our mind can conspire against us to create tales of terror.

While nobody and nothing lasts forever, we can be sure tomorrow will come with our without us. Putting hope on the positive balance of life helps us to cope so we may rise and rally in the face of adversity.

© 2011 Rob McBride

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