I truly hope that you are not trying to cope with depression because I have spoken to and met many people who have had it or still have it and it really is a tough one to deal with.
Not only is the illness itself hard but there is a stigma attached to it where people might assume you have a mental illness with also includes paranoia, insanity, hearing voices and other serious mental conditions. In reality people who have depression are not mentally ill, some of them are exhausted and simply suffering as a result of the cards that life has dealt them. Others are needing a way to change how they feel through no fault of their own.

One way to help yourself with it is to try to avoid stressful situations and people. This may sound very simple and you may say that you did not need telling but if you are prone to depression and you still go to things and see people that upset you then you are not avoiding it. You need to become more selfish in your analysis of how you can improve things and not do things just because you are scared to say no or it is expected of you and easier to say yes.

Another way to sometimes improve your mood can be through your diet. Something as simple as increasing your vitamin B intake can make a big difference.

But each person is different and each one has to find what they trigger is and hopefully also how to stop it from triggering over and over again. With people who tend to be very negative then it might be a good idea of for them to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy because by learning to see things differently they can lift their mood and be well.

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