A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) pilot program conducted over a period of six months has shown patients can be motivated to adhere to medical prescriptions for treatment of asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments. Canada pharmacies believe this to be a useful tool capable of sustaining long-term treatment plans using behavioral tactics.

Company Introduces Effective Program for Asthma Medication Adherence

Methods like rewarding people, gaming dynamics, and behavioral economics were effectively used by the company HealthPrize to motivate people. The program initiated along with Realage.com introduces individuals to a scientific test capable of calculating how old a person appears to the body. The innovative program managed to engage people positively. An average of 75.7% reported indications of medication on a daily basis. Also, around 92% were ready to continue with the program beyond six months, if they could.

Researchers introduced 282 adults suffering from COPD into the pilot program. Participants averaging 53.5 years were awarded points for completing several different types of activities including educational surveys and quizzes, volunteering to open daily educational “Fortune Cookies,” and self-reporting daily medication intake. The routine test successfully encouraged adherence to medication. People were awarded merchandise and e-certificates for completing various tasks pertaining to the daily exercise.

Self-Engagement Programs Vital In Controlling Asthma

Recent results indicate around 43% of people in North Carolina, USA suffer from COPD but have not visited a doctor for about 12 months. Many people believe symptoms of smoking leading to COPD may at most lead to difficulty in breathing. However an estimated 75% COPD deaths occurred due to the lifestyle habit. It is vital people understand consequences of neglecting medication. They do buy Spiriva from Canada pharmacies to treat exercise-induced asthma.

Understanding symptoms of COPD is vital in managing the disease. Several prevention and intervention programs have been initiated in the United States, but surveillance efforts must be intensified and spread across the country to educate both physicians and the general public about the different options available for diagnosis and treatment. The initiative taken by HealthPrize is an attempt in this direction.

People find it difficult to adhere to medication over the long term either due to the high costs involved or negligence after getting used to symptoms like shortness of breath. They prefer curbing heavy exercise and activities aggravating symptoms rather than giving up lifestyle habits like smoking. The purpose of medication is not only to prevent sudden attacks but also to control long-term symptoms.

For example, people resorting to heavy exercise in cold weather are likely to experience breathing difficulties and exacerbations. It is often difficult to identify whether symptoms are due to COPD, which is why avoiding dusty smoky environment and preventing allergies are the first steps usually taken by people before adhering to long-term controller medication.

Canada pharmacies encourage programs such as the one initiated by HealthPrize believing pilot programs can also be initiated to control other chronic illnesses as well. Engaging people in programs and rewarding them for completing simple daily tasks will go a long way in motivating people to continue with medication like generic Spiriva.

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